Hi every bodyHSMposter
just gor home from the movie thater with my bff<3
we went to see some dumb boring movie about video games characters with big hands but that was a gay nerd virgin movize LOL
No, the movie i are going to talk about is the one we wish we had seen instead – high school musical
it is the most cute and adorably good movie ever done and it is so good and i love it
It doesn’t I dont give a shit what any of those stupid critics with their gay pulsitzer prices and 1000+ word revews say, fcuz this is a gooder film than any og that stupiid schilddrens list or cloud attlass crap. Hahah nerds
Anywat , high school musical has the worlds best musiv and the characters are so hooooot aasfhjgjh i cant <333
gonnawatch it with my bff now, we then gonna dancde to some Miley Cyrus and god willing, cut a litle for bieber
Best friday ever lmao

aight g2g love you all!!