To everyone that sends me Onision videos, or even those of you who keep recommending his material to me for various reasons: please don’t, okay? Just don’t.

Why do people send me Onision videos? Well, to show me the supposedly thought-provoking messages incorporated into his many profound video blogs, mostly, but I’m sure his comedy sketches also play some part in what’s supposed to make Onision so gash darn entertaining and charming. If I tell you guys how I really feel about his videos, will you cease your attempts to make me like him?

My experience with Onision thus far has proven to me three things: 1) I don’t agree with him on anything, 2) he contradicts himself more often than not, and 3) he’s a desperately unfunny douchebag.

The first point comes from the fact that most of the videos people have sent me are his videos on vegetarianism. Because lo and behold, Onision just happens to be yet another one of those vegetarians who can’t just sit down, shut the fuck up and eat his processed tofu like it’s nobody’s business. No-no, he is one of those veggies who are seemingly obligated by top secret vegetarian law to remind us non-vegetarians on a regular basis of how reprehensible we are for eating animals. And just to add icing to the soybean cake, he’s of the opinion that if anybody should turn on him and claim that he’s wrong for being a whiny vegetarian, guess who suddenly becomes the “bully”; him or the meat-eater? This is part of an amusing piece of vegetarian logic that has shown up on too many places for me to recap: “You need to respect my choice so that I can disrespect and criticize yours in peace!”

So I don’t really agree with him on subjects like that. Big deal. But is there anything else I might find credible within his video library? Well, this question brings me to my second point: if the video responses sent to Onision by You-Tuber MrRepzion are anything to go by, then I’d say he contradicts himself, displays narcissistic attributes and goes into drama queen mode over things that don’t warrant it far too often for me to take him seriously. Likewise, his knowledge of human psychology and depression, or lack there-of I should say, is another thing that MrRepzion highlights well enough in his reply videos, as well as his way of using this lack of knowledge to brainwash his teen demographic into heeding really asinine advice, for me to ultimately put my foot down and say: I remain outside of Onision’s fanbase.

Oh, but wait. I forgot to address the third point: his sense of humour. Well…

I believe no further comment will be needed.

I could of course talk about the whole thing with his ex-girlfriend Shia LaBeouf Shiloh and how his fascinatingly dousche-y way of treating her as another valid reason not to like him, neither as an entertainer nor a human being in general, but my research indicates that enough people have called him out on that one disturbing video he shot of what seemed to be Shiloh losing her mind (because calling 9-1-1 was too complex a task for poor, poor Greg), so I’m just going to say that I find Onision unfunny, unentertaining and unintelligent and leave it at that.

Now, if you’re reading this and you’re a fan of Onision, then it is too late for me or anyone else to fucking save you. Granted, I’m not here to try to lead you or anyone else down some “better road” or anything like that. I’m just explaining why I’m never going to take his material seriously if for whatever reason some of you think to send me one of his idiotic videos as a way to try and settle an argument. He is a revolting person with a non-functioning sense of both humour and logic. Share me a video of his during an argument and I’d say it puts you instantly on the losing end.

Oh, but this reminds me, I really need to start watching MrRepzion again. Writing this post made me a little bit nostalgic.

That is all. Always know where your towel is.