Okay, so now it seems the Internet reviewer persona of Doug Walker that was officially killed off in To Boldly Flee, is making his return to the reviewer seat, ready to angrily rant about the very worst of filmmaking yet again. Yes, you read that exactly right, folks. The Nostalgia Critic is comin’ back. And boy am I split as to what to think.

On the one hand, it’s kind of nice to see one of my favourites make a comeback (Who knows? It might even help me get over the cancellation of Fringe) but on the other hand, is this really a good idea?

I mean, I thought that the farwell given to the Critic only a few months ago was appropriate, as well as done at the right time. It was a heartfelt goodbye and well-timed, seeing as more episodes might have run the project into the ground and worn out the character. Is that what lies ahead? Is that the destiny of this character now? And more importantly: Doug has clearly stated that at one point he felt that he was most surely done with this character and that he wanted to open up the gate for other shows and projects. One of these projects was Demo Reel, which was certainly hit and miss, and really, it’s the comparatively low popularity of Demo Reel that kinda seems to be the reason for Walker’s return to the Critic character. Honestly, it almost strikes me as a bit desperate.

Didn’t he have multiple new shows planned, he said? Wasn’t there shows other than Demo Reel he could’ve tried out? Or hell, maybe he could’ve just given Demo Reel more time? I don’t know, anything that keeps the Nostalgia Critic away, maybe not for good, but at least a little longer. As it is, though, the grand finale we saw last summer has alas lost some of its impact and relevance. I do feel that what Walker is doing (returning to a shtick that’s probably better off retired at this point) is nearly on the same level as the pandering we se in the likes of Ray William Johnson or PewDiePie. I know Walker’s body of work  well enough to know he knows better.

That last point is why I still maintain a glimmer of faith. I know that Walker is a good writer and that he usually puts his own vision before the desires of his nitpick-y audience. I may not think this is his greatest idea, but I will certainly return to ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com soon to see if there’s be more to this and if there is still hope for the Nostalgia Critic. Only time will tell.

EDIT: And yes, as a commentor pointed out, for the sake of Channel Awesome’s traffic and economy, the revival of their most popular character is probably a pretty good idea.