Fringe is, or was, no doubt one of my favourite shows of all time and one of the only running shows I actually felt like following. But now, Fringe is no more. The intelligent, mystical and beautful adventures of Olivia, Peter and Walter has come to a somber end.

I will be honest, the finale, composed of episodes Liberty and An Enemy of Fate, certainly had a share of flaws. There are still a few questions that has been bothering the Fringe fandom for ages that remain partially or entirely unanswered. There were things I would have wanted to see and there might be one or two things that could’ve gotten an even stronger bit of closure. But that’s only what the critic in me thinks. Now, for the first time in a while, I must let out the small part of my brain that contains the fanboy mentality.

Fringe is to me what Doctor Who and Sherlock is to those fangirls you see allover Tumblr (even if I would probably never succumb to the level of writing fan fiction about the characters’ sex lives). This is my first time shedding genuine tears over the ending of a show I’ve been following. This is one of the few shows I’ve actually followed avidly until its final day. This finale created the same emotions in me that those aforementioned shows have created in others. As The Observer would put it: “I believe you call them… ‘feels’.” 

Does the finale have flaws? Yes. But if you are a fan of this show and you’ve grown attached to these characters, then what of it? This is a heart-breaking, dramatic and devastatingly beautiful farewell to the Universe (or should I say Universes?) of Fringe. You will laugh, you will cry, you will love the call-backs to countless previous episodes and above all, you will miss the times you’ve shared with this characters. Every weekend I would sit down with my parents and watch the latest episode, eager to see what ideas and mysteries would intrigue me this week. The fact that those times have come to an end has truly made me sad.

Fringe may be gone, but I will never ever forget it.