Funny how God chose to put his top creation on such an infinitesimal spec in a  totally otherwise lifeless Universe.

Funny how God chose to put his top creation on such an infinitesimal spec in a totally otherwise lifeless Universe.

There are many things the human creature doesn’t understand. There are many things we don’t, and maybe never will know and parts of the cosmos that we will never explore even with telescopes. And yet, one of the biggest mysteries of the Universe is those who don’t understand that it’s a mystery.

If there’s one thing many people do if they belong to a religion, it’s to boldly declare their certainty of how we as a race came to be, the most popular opinion, most unfortunately, being that our homeworld was crafted by a bearded sky daddy named God. But then, if you want to get really frickin’ deep into the abyss of stupidity, we also have the religious people who not only think that the Universe’s perplexing nature is the work of one God, but also that our world, which (and you might have missed out on this) scientists estimate has existed for at least 4 billion years, is only 6 000 years old. These people are called Creationist and indeed, “mystery” is a good word for them.

I mean, holy shit! Can somebody explain to me how this even works? No, really! I genuinely do not get this! I mean, believing in a God is one thing, if rather nonsensical, but how is it even possible for adult human beings to stubbornly dismiss all these facts and ignore all this scientific research? I’m sorry, but I just cannot wrap my head around that! How do they even go about tackling that which has alredy been proven, with nothing to back up their claims but a fantasy novel in need of proof-reading and multiple rewrites? How can enough people have such a wrong clue that they make up an entire “sub-religion” or whatever you wanna call it. I mean, if this shit is even allowed, does that mean I can finally start my own religion for people who still believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth?

Or better yet, can I start teaching that shit in public schools? Am I now at last entitled to spread my opinion on what the facts of the very solar system actually are? I mean, you can’t prove that I’m not correct! Therefor, I’m correct. That’s logic, right? Right? Please tell me I’m smart!

Okay, fine. Let’s be fair. There exists a common argument – which is only common because those who use it fail to realize how idiotically flawed it is – which is that evolution and the big bang are just theories and are therefor not certainties, which automatically makes those claims less credible than those made by Creationists. You know, for the sake of argument, let’s pretend for a while that the scientific term “theory” just means “wild guess” and that the Creationists are right that a “guess” is not necessarily proof. Even if we go by that logic, what exactly do the Creationists have to tackle all this scientific research done on the nature of the very Universe itself? Oh, I’ll tell you what: a book and their own beliefs.

I’m not really sure how you Creationists intend to tackle the extensive research of the world’s top scientists with religious beliefs, but boy do you put your damndest into trying! I don’t see why it’s difficult to understand that you believing in something has no bearing on whether or not it exists.

Excerpt from a recent article on Zack Kopplin.

Excerpt from a recent article on Zack Kopplin.

But speaking of beliefs, you say, isn’t it best to just leave it alone and let these people believe what they wanna believe and stop bothering people who chose to buy into the notion that the Universe’s existence is all due to God, who continuously treats his “favorite species” like utter shit with such phenomena as famine, natural disasters and various incurable diseases? Sure, I can let you fall for that spectacularly illogical drivel and not consider you scum for it, but that’s as long as you don’t agree or worse yet, get away with agreeing that everything the Bible teaches is good. I don’t think I even need to mention the gay marriage debate?

In fact, I don’t even wanna parttake in the gay marriage debate. Nobody should need to debate anything. It should just be common knowledge by now that if your reasoning for hating homosexuals is because that’s “what God and nature intended”, i.e. the first two humans were male and female, one of which is actaully a human rib and both of whom met a talking snake, then you’re an idiot. There’s just no other way to put it. I’m sorry, but that’s a scientific fact. You’re an idiot.

Oh wait, silly me. My stupid “scientific facts” are nothing compared to the irrefutable truth of the Holy Bible, right? Right, I’ll shut up.