The end of the year is drawing close and I’m starting to think that The Hobbit will be the last film I’ll go see in the theatre this year, because guess what? Nothing else will really be playing here until I gotta write my “Favourites of 2012” list and then pack my bags and go with my family to Engypt, from where I’ll probably not be able to update.

This means that I won’t get to see Life of Pi, which is released when I leave, or Cloud Atlas, a film I’m dying to see but won’t be playing here until March, which really makes me feel like killing someone at SF.

Cloud Atlas has to be some kind of record. Sweden releasing films later than all the other countries is nothing new, but how can a movie be so anticipated and so celebrated only for us silly Swedes to go “Hmm, let’s postpone this one more than we’ve postponed any movie ever”? It really makes me mad, but at least I’ll be able to find the time to read the book and catch up.

But don’t expect to see those films on my list, unless I find a way to see them a little, ahem, earlier. *cough*