One of the primary definitions of comedy is ‘something that’s not supposed to be taken seriously’, which one might assume to be common knowledge to pretty much everyone. Well, everyone except the same type of people who are helplessly trapped within the idiotic belief that humming the Swedish national anthem indicates a hatred of muslims, but that’s a whole other story.

I think many of you have noticed that when a certain joke is uttered (typically one that pokes fun at any group of people that isn’t white), there is usually going to be some whiny, Facebook-dwelling idiot having an orgasm over the fact that he/she can finally seize an oppurunity to let the “cruel, insensitive” poster of the joke in question know how evil they are for having the audacity to make a joke about stereotypical behaviour and how they will be damned to eternal hellfire for dedicating a Facebook-page to jokes so lame that they wouldn’t even offend the people they parody.

What I find fascinating, though, is how the amount of fuss varies depending on who is actually being made fun of. If you make fun of a Chinese person – say you have a cartoon character with yellow skin and lines for eyes make rice and speak broken English – that’s apparently a whole lot worse than joking about how fat Americans are, or how greedy everyone is down in Texas. The reason for this is simple: it’s only classified as “racism” as long as it’s aimed at someone who isn’t white; any color is qualified, just not white! Hey, I said the reason was simple, not that it made any fucking sense.

There’s one thing that I’m absolutely sure of – people love to point fingers and find racism everywhere, especially in movies, TV shows and other works that aren’t hateful in the sense they’re misconceived to be. The only reason anyone finds racism in most of these comedies (South Park, Mel Brooks and Sacha Baron Cohen come to mind) is that they don’t have a sense of humour. Certain comedies are outright racist with no excuse, sure, but many of the ones that aren’t and merely feature a few stereotypes, get wrongfully accused on a daily basis of sending out the wrong messages, simply because these stereotypes happen to be black, Hispanic or sometimes Asian.

This type of idiocy would not occur when a white man agreed to do a performance that humiliates the stereotypes of Russia or Norway, the reason being that, well, the history of us white males makes us arrogant and immune to ever feeling as offended as a black person would. Or something like that; I don’t know, and I don’t think the “politically correct”, as they somehow like to call themselves, know either.

Nevertheless, I have attempted to compose a list of how stereotypes in various entertainment forms are most often seen by those who cannot take a joke.

  • American stereotypes: Okay!
  • African-American stereotypes: Not okay!
  • French stereotypes: Okay!
  • German stereotypes: Okay!
  • Chinese stereotpes: Not okay!
  • Japanese steroetypes: Not okay!
  • Russian stereotypes: Okay!
  • Native American stereotypes: Not okay!
  • Arabian stereotypes: Probably least okay of all!
  • English stereotypes: Do I even need to tell you?
  • Swedish stereotypes: Okay!
  • Mexican stereotypes: Not okay!
  • Scottish stereotypes: Okay!
  • Norweigian stereotypes: Okay!
  • Native American stereotypes: Not okay!
  • Irish stereotypes: Okay!
  • Spanish stereotypes: Hmm… y’know I’m really not sure.
  • I could submit more hypocrisy here, but I think you get the basic gist.

That’s not to say that aren’t French people who find snail-slurping, miming stereotypes offensive, or that there aren’t Germans who disapprove of Lederhosen-sporting characters who won’t eat anyting that doesn’t contain the words “wiener” or “schnitzel”. What I am saying, however, is that if any member of these nations were to complain about how comedy media treats them no one would think to take them as seriously as an offended Asian person or an offended African one.

Not that the actual Asians or African-Americans themselves tend to mind rough jokes, written by the likes of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, however. Some most probably do mind (but again, it’s comedy, so cut that out) but on many occasions it’s actually a bunch of self-indulgent, preachy (usually teenaged) white people who think they’re being morally supreme because they take it upon themselves to decide what’s racist and offensive towards people of an ethnicity they don’t belong to, which they will then proceed to stand around and demonstrate about in the town square and achieve nothing besides making it hard for me to get to my bus. This finally takes me back to the classic story of people who think Swedes who celebrate their independence day are xenophobic racists.

I posted a status on Facebook a few months back where I did nothing more than harmlessly state the fact that anyone who goes by this logic is a moron, which sure as heck didn’t stop a moron of that very same brand to infest my comment section with an angry discussion; the kind of discussion that the Internet offers at least twice a second. They genuinely proved very little aside from their own fundamental lack of ability to form a logical opinion, especially after some of my comrades joined in and attempted to explain, as they would to a fucking kindergartener, that racism works both ways and not just one, and that patriotism and racism aren’t the same bloody thing.

I’m not sure if it helped, but I’d be gosh darned shocked if it did! I mean, after all, this was a perfect example of a person who thinks my homeland’s independence day shouldn’t be celebrated as it implies arrogance and xenophobia amongst the country’s inhabitants, even though in reality, it only implies that we, well, live in a country.

“Oooh, now Victor Anderson says that Sweden is its own country with its own age-old traditions. That must mean he’s an immigrant-loathing Sweden Democrat who hates everything that isn’t white. Waah, he be such a meany-head, waah!”

No. No, it doesn’t. Now shut up, choke on some gravlax and tell your head to pack its bags because it’s been residing inside your ass for too long.

By the way, the person who posted those dumbass comments on my Facebook – he didn’t use to be like that, you know. He was once a smart and funny chap but was alas converted to the religion of stupidism by his recently acquired girlfriend, which I think goes to show you what sort of twisted corruptions guys will allow themselves to go through for the sake of getting laid.