I made a little joke recently to my father. A joke about where the future of Star Wars lies. Perhaps, I said, George Lucas is just gonna rename Episode I: The Phantom Menace into Episode IV and create a new line of prequels? I was wrong. What we’re actually getting is sequels.

Yes, you all know it by now. You all know how Lucasfilm has been aquired by Disney and how their first thought was to begin working on a seventh chapter in the saga, as if the prequel trilogy didn’t turn the Star Wars franchise into enough of an inexcusable clusterfuck. What can I add, really? I think most things have been said about what a stupid idea this is, how this is the last nail in Star Wars‘ coffin and why continuing a story that was meant to end at Return of the Jedi is just wrong.

I wouldn’t mind so much if we were talking about the story expanding in the form of a novel or a comic or a cartoon or any of the other countless ways the Expanded Universe has continued writing stories for these characters. But we’re not doing that. We are talking about a movie. An honest to God motion picture that’s intended to tie into the trilogy I think is nostalgic and meaningful to most of us. The fans are still recovering from the trauma of the prequels, Jar-Jar, the unrelenting overuse of green screens, the CGI Jabba, the much lamer Boba Fett voice, Vader going “NOOOO” and Greedo shooting first. They’re not ready for you guys to screw it up even further! Turn back! There’s still time to do the right thing!

But like I said, everyone are complaining enough as it is, and Hell, maybe that’ll do the trick? Nobody thinks continuing the story and running the series further into the ground is a good idea, so who knows, maybe they will listen and scrap this silly idea? But then again… money, money, money.


If any of the merchandise involves a lightsaber-weilding Mickey Mouse I don’t know what I’ll do.