My most commented post on this blog is “Recent Skype conversation only increased my PewDiePie-hatred further”, in which I set the record straight and for the final time went over why I am not a fan of YouTube entertainer PewDiePie, something I will not go over again. However, I will bring up the post itself due to the reactions. In spite of my explanation within the post, some comments still indicated that people think that criticism is okay as long as it’s positive. Basically “You’re free to speak your opinion as long as it matches mine”. Ugh.

Look guys, negative criticism is something that all entertainers will inevitably receive. Your belief that everyone who are merely honest about their dislike towards the likes of PewDiePie, Nicki Minaj, Ray William Johnson and the classic hater bait himself, Justin Bieber makes them nothing more than immature haters who should keep their opinion to themselves, contradicts your belief that the fans, on the other hand, are free to preach their damn opinions however they please, pretending that there aren’t people who are as annoyed with fangirls/-boys as the fangirls/-boys are with haters.

Allow me to explain it in terms which I believe you will understand:

How people SHOULD react to negative criticism: “Oh, I see. I never thought of it this way. That’s an interesting point of view and you do bring up some good points. But if you look at this way…” *discussion continues*

How YOU react to negative criticism: “Oh my God, you so immature! Keep it to yourself, hater! Idiot! Wrong! Waaah! Try doing better yourself! Waah!”

I don’t really consider myself suitable for the “hater” label since a typical hater will only hate for the sake of being hateful and very rarely does so by giving constructive criticism in any way, but I’m also not an overly defensive fanboy who will lash out without thinking when someone makes fun of things I like. I can think of many instances where certain critics lost a total of 0% of my respect for simply talking down on something I’m a fan of.

Noah “Spoony” Antwiler posted a series of Tweets a while back where he expressed his hatred towards Doctor Who, which is one of my favourite shows of all time. Did I get mad at him? Did I tell him to put a sock in it just because we disagree on that one? Did I tell him to shut up if he doesn’t have nice things to say, implying that no one should be allowed to say anything negative about anything? No, I didn’t. Because I’m not a moron. I just kept reading because it fascinated me and his points were interesting.

Kaylin “MarzGurl” Dicksion uploaded a video to where she ripped apart the movie Atlantis, which I think is a pretty good one. What did I do? Did I a) tell her to stop posting videos if she’s just going to disagree with me like that, b) demand her to answer how she can have the audacity to have a negative opinion about something, or c) shut up and watch the video? If your answer was d) then you can’t read.

Jerrica “Diamanda Hagan” Benton has a show where she thoroughly goes through the things she hates about the revived Doctor Who-series. Instead of stopping at the first episode and writing angry comments about what an idiot she is for daring to not blindly approve of anything that David Tennant mopes around in and then continue posting gifs of him on Tumblr, adding such intelligent captions as “adsajlhalkzxc omfg i cant”, I just kept watching the videos. Why? Because I have the ability to tolerate others’ opinions.

And don’t get me started on all the times Roger Ebert has panned something I loved.

Another one, while we’re at it, to sometimes disagree with me is Doug Walker, who has panned Doug, one my favourite shows as a kid, Matilda, which I found charmingly strange, District 9, The Dark Knight Rises; the list goes on. But he is also the one who said that if you find someone who disagrees with you about a movie, just ask them why and beg for elaboration. If they’re capable of doing so, you will learn more about the person and find out interesting things about how that person thinks. Some commenters on the PewDiePie posts understood this, but many just begged me to shut up. The rest accused me of being jealous but the reason that isn’t true is also within the PewDiePie article.

But hang on! Why is it that my negative reviews on movies get a free pass, but when I critique music or web show content the fantards whine like crazy? Where are the people bawling their frickin’ eyes out at what I have to say about George Lucas? Where’s the people calling me jealous of Rob Schneider? Nowhere, that’s where. Does this mean that reviewing movies is totally fine but reviewing anything other than film is the most mean-spirited thing a man can do? What makes Internet celebrities and musicians immune to criticism? What the Hell?

What I’m saying is that positive and negative criticism are both okay, so long as it’s constructive, and both should be allowed. But then again, I’m merely a ‘stoopid jealuz h8r troll’ so what do I know?