I guess it is only fitting that I, as a huge fan of Red Dwarf, tell you how I enjoyed the first episode of the series aired in a very long time, not counting Back To Earth. I was excited but also skeptical. As it turned out, though, I liked it.

Now, it doesn’t really come off as an epic comeback but I’m quite honestly it didn’t try to achieve that either. It just felt like another Red Dwarf episode. And you know what? Me watching “just another Red Dwarf episode” on television after all these years was pretty damn mind-blowing to me. I saw all these delightful, dysfunctional characters again. Rimmer, Lister, Kryten, Cat and no Kochanski. They were back, doing what they’ve always done – interacting comically with each other in space.

I’m not sure how exactly this new series ties together with the continuity of the past series, however. Are they on the same Red Dwarf that was getting destroyed in the season 8 finale? Are they on another Red Dwarf? Where did the crew go after being ressurected in season 8? What Rimmer is this? Is it the original Rimmer, who later became Ace, returning or is it a hologram of the Rimmer who died with the ressurected Red Dwarf in season 8? I don’t know.

But this might be intentional. There are many sci-fi series that have confusing continuity and make little sense so I guess it’s part of Red Dwarf‘s charm. I find myself looking forward to more!