544I adore controversial jokes. I admire black comedy. I totally smegging love sadistic humour. You know what I don’t like about any of those? When it’s forced.

Creating humour that’s offensive or dark but still warrants a laugh is not a simple task and too many people make the misconception that just because they make some kind of lame/immature reference to 9/11 or the Holocaust that somehow qualifies as an offensive joke. There’s even this page on Facebook that’s titled ‘Seriously Sick Jokes’, consisting of posts that are either examples of the kind of pathetic attempts to be funny that I just described, or purely mean-spirited posts that don’t even tell jokes at all as much as they ridicule those involved in a tragic events. This page contains a disclaimer that reads “don’t join if easily offended“. It sadly doesn’t end with “do however join if easily amused“.

Oooh, I'm so scared.

Oooh, I’m so scared.

Making vague references to great disasters or extremely tragic things from human history is not “seriously sick” nor is it really “joking”. The same can be said for people who think they’re funny for poking fun at people who are suffering enough as it is. It would be more excusable if they were able to create some kind of joke – thus helping support the argument that comedy is a good way to cope with tragedies sometimes – but most of the posts in the page I mentioned fail to do this. They’re just the result of asshats with an instinctive need to go on the Internet and spew insults as soon as something tragic take place. It doesn’t make you a sick humorist. It either just makes you sick or neither at all.

You’re like that kid back in school who tried to fit in around the tough guys by randomly inserting crude words into sentences and trying to show off what a ballsy badass you are by referencing things like Hitler, 9/11 or the tidal wave in Japan in an awkwardly pathetic attempt to pass it off as a “sick joke”. The only thing that’s missing from the scenario here is said guys forcing you to shoplift and drink toilet water.

Basically, if you think insulting the families and acquaintances of those involved in a tragic a event is “comedy” and/or that referencing said events makes your comedy “black”, then it’s fair to assume you’re either a little kid who’ll hopefully be fortunate to outgrow this behavior, or a hopelessly immature manchild whose intellect and budget doesn’t allow him a more fulfilling usage of his overflowing spare time than to create a Facebook page about how “seriously sick” he is. Either way, it’s nasty.

“Hitler was badass and the Titanic deaths were awesome. Look at what a sadistic comedian I am!”