The Meme Curse!

Warning! This is my warning to you all! For there is a curse that could be waiting to strike any second now and it could be waiting to strike you this very second. All of you are in danger! I am talking about the Meme Curse.

The Meme Curse is a curse that has no antidote, a curse that takes something great and hilarious and features it in a seemingly infinite multitude of jokes, forced references and images until it has been ridiculed and/or watered down enough that it is near impossible to avoid growing tired of it. The Meme Curse can affect anyone!

It is said that the word ‘meme’ comes from a ghost of Molossian myth, Même, a vicious spirit who, according to the folklore, appeared in countless villages in the Republic of Molossia between 1600 and 1800 A.D., bearing  obsolete information and facts that the innocent townsfolk already knew. She would come to their homes and shove these facts into their faces until they were driven to madness by jokes they’d already heard about things they were already sick of hearing about. Even worse when she would go on and on about things they enjoyed, until at last they grew hopelessly tired of said things. The victims would be found the morning after, rocking back and forth in fetal position and whispering “Please shut up, please shut up, please shut up, please shut up…”

She has been absent for all these centuries, but has recently found a tool to help her return safely. By spreading her madness-inducing curse via a device known as the Internet, she has now driven more people insane than ever with constant “Gangnam Style”-references, “Call Me Maybe”-puns and jokes about how Harry Potter doesn’t have parents. Beware this curse, dear readers. Be careful when browsing the web. You never know where this dreaded spectre of redundant unoriginality might be lurking, prepared to violently run everything you used to take joy and comfort in into the ground.


Artist’s impression of what Même might have looked like.