I can’t think of a group of people that’s better at representing their religion than the muslims. Because really, what the Hell is the least bit irrational about going on a riot, burning embassies and slaying human beings just because the prophet of your bedtime stories turned beliefs was portrayed negatively in a movie that makes The Room look like fucking Schindler’s List.

Yes, this is actually happening. Because of the footage I’ve linked below (Here is a final disclaimer that I’m seriously not making this shit up) several of Muhammed’s followers are running around like terrorists and wreaking havoc and killing innocent people. It’s kinda like that one time a family of birds burned down a mansion of some random person because their species was featured in that piece of crap Birdemic. Strangely, what I just described there sounds more reasonable than the real story.

Now, I know. I frickin’ know. Where I come from, talking shit about the religion of Islam is generally classified as racism – which, once again, is stupid because criticizing a belief and talking down on a race are two different things – but how can’t you do that after seeing how they react to such silly, harmless things? How?

I’m not a huge fan of christian extremists, as you’re probably aware, but hey, the most “extreme” a christian would ever do is to hit you with a cross because you’re a big poopy-head who believes in scientific evidence and all that other evil stuff. Now, a muslim extremist on the other hand wouldn’t hesitate to take down the infidels best way they know how – with fireworks.

This is sick. Anyone defending this is sick. Anyone who thinks this is the movie’s fault are idiots (again non-crazies wouldn’t react like this). Anyone who thinks it’s rational for someone to bomb someone because they drew Muhammed is a moron. Anyone who disagrees with that is wrong.

There, I’m finished. Enjoy your Friday.