If you are offended by the opinion that Adalia Rose isn’t all that beautiful, don’t read this!

You know what’s the worst thing about all those idiotic “Like the photo if you agree, but also subscribe to me”-posts on Facebook? Yeah, neither do I.

But it’s probably the fact that the people who like said photos actually do subscribe to the Facebook account of the attention-addicted uploader in question, evidently eager to like/share more posts about how “OMG so true” some random statements are, how beautiful a deformed person is or anything having to with YOLO or 90’s cartoons or whatever. Fine! Go ahead! ‘Like’ these photos and feel like angelic heroes because you think your click of a button has magically turned the world into a better place, but for God’s sakes, please keep your hands off the damn ‘Share’-button!!

One of the people who upload these pictures and gets themselves an entourage of morons as a result is Diggy Simmons. You may not know this name (you lucky bugger, you), but if you do then you either have Facebook friends who are idiots or you are one too because you are one of the 100 000 who have subscribed to his Facebook account, the only reason being that he pleaded you to do so in a comment attached to this one photo he uploaded of Gollum’s sister once.

She even has a fan page now. I’ll get to that in a second.

If you’re one of these people who like and especially share the majority of his content, believing that you’ll come off as more moral/smart by showing to all of your uninterested Facebook-friends that you agree with this guy’s probably fabricated opinions, all you really successfully do is clog up our news feed with even more unwanted content and more boring crap than that which was already there without the aide of you or Simmons.

One day when I finally got tired of all this garbage I decided to attempt to block Diggy Simmons and spare myself from more pretentious “Like if you have a heart”-pictures of deformed babies or some shoddy photo with some white text about tween romances on it. But hey! Guess what? Facebook would by no means allow me to do this. I tried multiple times on different days and I even succesfully tried to block other Facebook-users, but there was some sort of magical force surrounding the account of Simmons that prevented me from ridding myself of his asinine content, as if the Facebook-admins themselves have decided that his posts are so meaningful and inspirational and they ultimately decided to make his account unblock-able. Yay.

After seeing a Diggy Simmons-post, the sight of this is the only thing that’s going to annoy you *more*.

There are other users with an equally large legion of subs and equally large collections of pointless photos, many of whom I’ve been unable to block. Is there a pattern, perhaps? Is Zuckerberg deliberately torturing us? Probably not since the more likely theory is that too many people have tried to block the same idiot at once, hence the excuse “The blocking system is overloaded”. The only thing more unavoidable than the accounts of aforementioned attention-seekers is all those damn fan pages.

The girl in the picture above is Adalia Rose, who, according to numerous Facebook photos similar to the ones I’ve already described, is one of the sexiest and most beautiful people on the planet, which was confirmed by the sheer amount of likes that one photo of her received. More images of her appeared online and eventually she gained a notoriety that evovled into full-blown Internet fame, granting her a much appreciated fan page on (where else?) Facebook. I never really found her that hot so I have yet to like the page.

I’m sincerely not trying to be mean or cruel here (if you wanna hear people say truly vicous and heartless stuff about Rose, just google her name). She gets so much sympathy anyway that I doubt she’ll feel even mildly  offendedby me pointing out that I don’t find her sexy enough to want to see pictures of her in my news feed, all of which appear on there because – once again – my Facebook friends just have to prove how gosh darn good-hearted they are by liking her page, liking her posts and sharing her photos (By the way, I’m sure mommy appreciates all that money you’re making her, Adalia. Be proud and keep up the sexy poses!)

Sadly, fan pages is something I truly cannot seem to block in any way and unsubscribing to all the people who share this stuff has a been bit of a chore, and there’s still a few that I’ve missed! At least on a site like Tumblr, where you can decide for yourself what posts to follow, you are more likely to avoid seeing stupid crap like this:

Because as “sista” over here clearly proves, it’s less disrespectful to call a person ugly when you’ve liked a photo of Adalia Rose.

((Word of advice, by the way: If you want to prove a point, don’t use the “Hey guys, did u know…” meme. Seriously, just don’t. You’ll only look like an unoriginal moron whose argumentation skills make Beliebers look like Neil deGrasse Tyson.))

Some of these pics are so rampant on fan service that they sometimes show sweetheart Adalia wearing, em, a little less clothes than usual, such as in the particularly attractive hula photos. Honestly, and I do mean honestly, can absolutely everyone who liked that one “Like if she’s beautiful”-pic genuinely agree that they wanted to see this girl in a hula outfit?

You’re the one who pressed ‘Like’, folks. You’re the one who registered your apparent opinion that this deformed five-year-old kid is sexy. If you liked the photo that Simmons shared (and no, I don’t care if it was actually he who originally posted it) then surely you wont mind watching her go try out new bikinis? What’s wrong, you don’t wanna? Does it disgust you? Well, then you probably shouldn’t have ‘liked’ that stupid photo that was only ever designed to fulfil the needs of a desperate attention whore, and probably to make you feel like you’re a morally superior person, now should ya? Be honest when you like these things, damn it.

Again, I’m not trying to be needlessly spiteful towards Rose, I’ll have you know. I respect her and I’m glad that she has a fanbase in spite of her regretable disease. I got nothing personal against her or even Simmons, really. What I’m truly tired of in the end is the people who constantly share their stuff and the dysfunctional Facebook blocking system which forces me to watch it!

That is all! Always know where your towel is!