The theater were the incident regrettably took place.

I’ll leave out some of the more gruesome details about the event I’m about to write about now. Let’s just say this is not how someone wishes to spend their movie night with friends and family.

Basically, the other day numerous people were shot at and killed/injured at a screening of the new Batman film The Dark Knight Rises in what I believe was Aurora, Colorado. Apparently the gun wielder (James Holmes, aged 24) was some weirdo sporting a gas mask, due to also being equipped with smoke bombs of some sort, who appears to have some grudge against Batman. His appearance sort of sounds like something out of Batman’s villains gallery, doesn’t it?

I’m not kidding either. The man attacked just as the caped crusader himself appeared on a big screen and the some of the enthusiastic, unsuspecting spectators probably thought at first that it was a fun act related to the film they were eagerly waiting to see and never got the cance to do. From what I can gather, the assailant is at least behind bars, which is a good thing. What I’m not sure about however is what his motives were? There may be an article about it but as it is, I have no idea what this messed up man has againts Batman and his fans. I’ll probably find this info soon, though. Didn’t he even claim to be the Joker himself or some such??

The smirk doesn’t help.

My immense condolences to the family and friends of those whose lives were brutally taken this night and best wishes to those who were injured. It’s truly devastating and sickening what some people do to the unsuspecting innocents.

You might be wondering why I, a Swedish young lad, is writing about something that happened at a theater across the very Atlantic? Well, because it mystifies and fascinates me in a bad way that a person would have such a grudge towards fans of the beautiful art of film. Is that what Holmes had in mind, though? To express his hatred towards film or, more likely, just Batman? I’m hoping this won’t occur during more screenings and I dread the possibility that there might be more than one of these psychos. Truly sorry if I sound like a conspiracy nut or something.

That is all. I wish you lot all the best. Good night.

EDIT: Oh, there were children who died during the shooting as well, and I really love the people who’ve seriously started blaming the victims in this situations for taking young kids to a midnight screening. Yeah, those idiots should’ve known there would be an armed, homicidal Joker-wannabe at the screening. I mean, it’s so obvious. Those who support the FBI conspiracy theory amuse me even more.