Practically everytime someone satirizes or comically comments on a specific group of people – be it religious people, feminists, vegetarians or anything else – there is always going to be someone from that group who feels obligated to inform the satirist in question that “not everyone is like that”, assuming the satirist isn’t smart enough to realize that.

Remember for instance that post I made about how I view vegetarians and how I mocked how the extremists of that group appears to be attempting to “shock” the world with the notion that KFC is made of dead chickens? Yeah, well, there were those who didn’t take it well, acting as though I thought all vegetarians were like the extremists and protestors. I don’t think that but the post was deidicated to those who are! That was the entire point!

I can assure you, that when I write about feminists, theists, muslims or even Beliebers, I’m perfectly aware that not all of them are idiotic bigots, blisfully gullible people or imbecile tweens whose obsession with one individual seems to have eradicated what little sense of good grammar they might have once possessed.

I’m aware not all feminists have a radical feminist’s distorted perception of what true equality is. I know that not all Christians are so stupid that they completely disregard everything science has proven and stubbornly continue to present wonderfully illogical arguments as to why God should exist. It is  fully known to me that being a Justin Bieber fan doesn’t automatically turn you into an obsessed moron who is lucky he/she is even capable of typing a coherent sentence. I’ve even started using a specific term for Bieber-fans like that: Bieber-fetishists, remember?

With that said, the extremists and idiots of those groups are the people I’ve chosen to write about. It doesn’t mean I believe everyone in the group is an idiot or an extremist. It is true that I’m having a hard time finding a Christian or a Bieber-fan who can spell but I digress.