What I’ll share with you here is a truly thought-provoking and profound story that some of you may have heard already. It goes a little like this:

A major argument had begun amongst the classmates during a science lesson, regarding the existence of God. Suddenly their teacher decided to try and set things straight.

Teacher: Can any of you actually seeGod?

The class thought about it.

Class: No.

Teacher: Can you touch God?

Class: No.

Teacher: And additionally, just to add a little extra part to what was originally a ludicrously flawed short story, has anyone ever been presented with *more* sufficient evidence pointing towards the existence of a God than to the theory of evolution and The Big Bang? 

Class: Well… no.

Teacher: Then there isn’t a God! Back to class now, please.

One student decided to make the poor choice of trying to be a rebellious smartass. He stood up.

Student: Sir, can you see your brain?

Teacher: Seriously? We’re doing this?

Student: Answer me.

Teacher: Yes, my brain is a solid object that exists on the same plane of existance as all other solid objects and it is built molecularly in just the right way to make it perfectly visible to any possible observer. 

Student: Can you touch your brain?

Teacher: Yes, by either creating a hole in my skull or surgically removing it from my head, it will be free for anyone to lay their hands upon without any difficulty.

Student: Oh, ok so then you have no br…? Er… wait, you don’t have a… um…

Teacher: *sigh* Pick up the science book, David. And try to think of better arguments next time, would ya?

He patted the boy on the head and returned to his desk as the class silently continued to study.

Student: *turns to his friend and whispers* You know, that didn’t really turn out the way I expected.

Student #2: You’re a Christian, Dave. It usually doesn’t.

I love happy endings.