This one’s worth checking out.

Impressively made; great to look at

After all these Alien vs. Predator spin-offs and the not-so-impressive Predators it was reassuring when I learned that the next film of the Alien franchise, a prequel in fact, was being created b the man who started it all – Ridley Scott himself.

Noomi Rapace gives a strong performance in ‘Prometheus’.

This knowledge made me think Prometheus would be something extraordinary and while it was certainly good and mesmerizingly well-made, it still felt lacking in certain aspects. However, Prometheus is nevertheless a film I recommend. Believe it or not, but even the 3D is worth looking at this time.

Aboard the starship Prometheus in the year 2089, a large crew, is in suspended animation on their way to the moon LV-223, on a mission financed by Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce in heavy make-up) – yes, that would be the head of Weyland Corporations – to find the alien race from which man kind originated – the Engineers. Amongst the more prominent (that is, “most developed”) crewmembers are Merdetith Vickers (Charlize Theron), Captain Janek (Idris Elba), religious archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), her lover Charlie (Logan Marshall-Green) and their human-looking android David (Michael Fassbender) who watches over the vessel whilst the rest are in stasis.

Upon reaching their destination they find very little of the aliens they had hoped to discover. The moon is full of mutants and some ships and temples are deserted presumably due to the Engineers being chased away by the mutants. What sort of creatures they are you might guess when I say that Charlie, after David secretly feeds him some weird dark liquid, he sleeps with Shaw which results in her getting impregnated with something that isn’t human.

Although we don’t see actual Face-huggers, Chest-busters or even Xenomorphs, there are creatures in the film that look greatly similar and that’s for certain not the only charming Alien-refernece the film contains.

Michael Fassbender as David, performing sinister tasks for Weyland.

One of my problems, although quite minor, with Prometheus is how rushed and incomplete it feels. We don’t get to know the characters enough before they become food for the aliens and at times it feels as though the decisions made by the characters would make more sense if certain scenes were added, because it feels like the film has been cut quite drastically. Even so, it certainly offers its share of splendidness.

For instance it has a strong cast of actors. Noomi Rapace makes for a superb female lead (I dare even say, in fact, that she’s stronger than Sigourney Weaver‘s Ripley), Charlize Theron is as per usual fun in her own intimidating way and Michael Fassbender is lovable as David, although I expected a more antagonistic role from him. What evil things he does he does simply because of orders from Weyland. Speaking of Weyland, I find it inexplicable why he needed to be played by 44-year old Guy Pearce and not someone who is actually old. The make-up didn’t quite do it for me. What’s the ruddy point?

However, the computer generated visuals is where the film shines brightly. The alien landscapes, the ships, the creatures, everything looks convincing and astonishing throughout. It feels mightily unusual to say but even the 3D was enjoyable. Maybe Ridley Scott is like Martin Scorsese in that he’s always known how to use it properly but hasn’t gotten around to showing it until recently.

Prometheus is over-all a good and impressive film but with large flaws, and I simply made the error of going into it with too high expectations. Although what flaws this movie has all seem to indicate that somewhere on the editing room floor are scenes that will soon make up the 2.5 hour director’s cut. I suspect that’s the film I wanted to see.

Let’s not complain too much, though. As proven by Alien vs. Predator, this could have been so much worse. Easily.

3/5 whatever