No link this time!

The other night, a video was being passed around amongst practically all of my 500-ish Facebook friends and it was titled (traslated roughly from my native Swedish) The World’s Sickest Mom. I thought it would be another dumb, harmless clip that too many people overreacted to. I clicked the link out of curiousity and was proven wrong.

The video is basically of a Malaysian woman beating her defenseless, crying 8 months old child and I will admit to you: I could not sit through the entire thing. The reason I don’t have a link to the video is that it’s just too damn horrible, so if you really need to see what happened, you’re gonna have to Google it. If it repulses you and makes you almost cry, that doesn’t make you squemish! It just proves that you’re human! Any human would be revolted by a video like the one I saw.

I enjoy horror movies like Saw, I’ve laughed during films like Braindead and I love the movie Eraserhead. Forget all that! This is the stuff that gives me nightmares; real-life, unspeakably horrid human behaviour! After watching the video, I wanted to hug my toddler cousin like there’s no tomorrow!

Now, here’s the thing, though – like the Jonah Mowry video, this vid was actually made a long time before it went viral, so if you didn’t already know, I can assure you that the woman is at this point already in jail and her child is safe with a foster family. In the article where I read this, however, it said that the woman might regain custody of the child when her punishment’s finished. I hope sincerely that the malaysian judge is sagacious enough to not allow that.

The incident, the article said, took place in 2011. If the video wasn’t leaked until recently or if it wasn’t discovered by my friends  until recently I am not sure. However, I have been making irksome speculations as to how Ray William Johnson would comment on it if he found it.

“Zomg! Look, you guys. Look at ’em go! *overused whip sound effect* Oooh, that’s gotta hurt. Look’s like someone’s gonna grow up to be Señor Chang. Amirite, you guys? Heh-heh-heh, Asian parenting, amirite? Naah, I kid the kid! Heh-heh… heh… eight people helped me write this, guys.”

Oh don’t act like I’m the one joking! He commented on a video of a dog nearly getting killed by a deer. Don’t pretend he wouldn’t do something like this.