This one’s a Must-see!

Winslet and DiCaprio put their damndest into both their performances is ‘Revolutionary Road’.

Simply beautiful; perfectly acted and shocking

With the acting talents of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet involved in your motion picture project it is very difficult to go wrong, and I cannot think of an aspect where their first team-up since Titanic, does go wrong.

Sam MendesRevolutionary Road is such a devastatingly great film that it is almost unreal. If, for some reason, you are still not fully convinced of the talents of Winslet and DiCaprio, then Revolutionary Road will be the film that proves it to you. Together they here create an intriguing and flawlessly believable relationship between a man and wife in the 1940’s.

DiCaprio plays Frank Wheeler; Winslet is his wife April. They are married with children. In the suburbs of Connecticut they lead not a perfect life, but appear on the surface to be the most cheerful and wholesome couple to all their neighbours. Beneath it all, however, both are frustrated and unhappy with how things have turned out in terms of their careers, amongst other things. April gets the idea that moving to Paris is what they need. Frank is skeptical at first, but eventually agrees.

But alas, things don’t head in the right direction, as April gets pregnant with a third child, which she secretly considers to abort on her won, and Frank has an affair with a young lady from his workplace, which he later regrets, as well as getting offered a raise and a promotion if he were to stay. As time progresses, they become more angry at each other as well as themselves and recieve both support and spite from a colourful, supporting character cast of friends, relatives and neighbours.

Kathy Bates is their realtor, Kathryn Hahn and David Harbour play the Campbells, Michael Shannon appears as a despicable but sympathetically troubled mental patient, Dylan Baker plays Frank’s colleague and that’s only to name a few.

Frank and April, on one of their better days.

The relationship between the two becomes such a heated and complex one, and the actors do such an excellent job portraying the couple that after a while, you nearly cease being aware you’re watching actors. They become the characters; they turn into the people the film is about; they make us believe we are truly witnessing the life of real people and that is the very definition of superb acting. Their unpleasant fights and sometimes shocking arguments created an uncomfortable but captivating feeling when the two are on screen.

Any regular visitor at my blog already knows how much I love Kate Winslet. It is certainly safe to call her my favourite actress. I wish I could say the same for Leonardo DiCaprio, though. Don’t get me wrong! He is a splendid actor and one of the best ones I know of, but sometimes it feels like he tends to play the same role over and over, i.e. he always seems to play this snarky, troubled guy who can be the biggest charmer but can also be a big jerk at times, and he just doesn’t fascinate me as much as, say, Johnny Depp, who is my favourite male actor. Even so, DiCaprio plays this kind of role so unimaginably well that it’s impossible not to love him.

Revolutionary Road is a great film, and it is almost completely due to how it gets absolutely right what many romance films (especially romantic comedies) tend not to – the relationship. This movie, just like another Winslet-film, Eternal Sunshine, is one that dares to be honest and show that all relationships have dark sides and some very bad periods of time. There will be moments where a couple will believe they hate each other. It does not always end happily. These are facts you need to know to create a perfect romance film and I’ll be damned if that isn’t what Sam Mendes did.

 It is simply a masterpiece. It has unbelievable performances, splendidly written characters, lovely music by Thomas Newman, good camera work and what is evidently a competent director behind the steering wheel. Revolutionary Road is without a doubt the most beautiful but saddening picture I’ve seen for some time.

5/5 whatever