Good day. I hope everyone who might see this post have had a lovely Easter and that the tasty candy has shown your blood sugar levels and/or digestion no mercy. Now, question time.

“Do you have a planned schedule as to which films you will review next?”

I very rarely plan what films to talk about and when. I do, however, have some drafts right now, which I intend to finish and then publish before summer vacation. My old Cyberbu//y draft was finished the other day. So far so good, right?

“Okay, so you’ve said that you’re not racist against muslims, Arabs and such but you also keep saying that all religions are stupid, Islam included? You sir, are a hypocrite!”

*sigh* Look, pointing out the endless logic errors in a religious belief, including that of Islam, has nothing to do with racism, because guess what – Islam is not a race! It’s a religion.

Besides, what I’ve been insisting for so long is that I am not, contrary to the belief of multiple morons I’ve encountred, opposed to immigration. I’ve also mentioned my problem with people who seem to think that, just because someone’s a muslim, their religion deserves greater respect than that of Christ or Buddha. Certian oafs seem to view believers from the Middle East as ill-tempered, mentally challenged little children and act as if the religion of Islam is one that’s much more dangerous to mock than, say, Christianity. I disagree. I want equality. I want to be able to state the fact that no religion makes sense. I don’t want to make an exception just because I’m too scared of muslims.

“Who is your favourite Doctor?”

Oh, dear… I wouldn’t say I have a definitive one yet because I just recently started watching Doctor Who, but from what I’ve seen thus far, I’d probably have to say The Sixth Doctor, although it is a tie between him and The Tenth. And The Fourth deserves a mention, of course.

“In your post “True Dat” you poked fun at gamers who won’t leave their games for dinner? Did you ever consider that some games are quest-based multiplayer and can therefor not be paused mid-game?”

Okay, I actually understand this one. If being in the middle of a quest in a game prevents the player from logging out, then I suppose I can understand. If, however, leaving a multplayer will do no more harm than somehow inhibiting the progress of other members in your “guild” or whatever, and the only real consequence is that they will get pissed at you, then that’s still taking the game world far too seriously.

Guys, don’t be furious at someone only because they log out when you’re in the middle of something in some game, okay? It’s. Just. A game!

“Do you generally prefer films over books?”

Usually, but it depends. There are certain types of plot twists that work so much better in the world of litterature than they ever would in a film, and when you’re reading you can usually have a lot of fun imagining what the world and the characters within the book looks like, at least if it’s fantasy and such. I adore both types of fiction, honestly, but film is where my life lies.

“Do you not drink/smoke/do drugs because you’re a pussy or because you’re trying to come of as morally superior?”

Both are some good guesses on your part. Too bad neither is correct. The main reason, which some of you already know, is that I happen to enjoy possessing a body that works properly and that I honestly fail to see the fun in dying from lung cancer in a hospital bed or covering my friends in puke during a party. “You only live once” many say. Yes, you only have one life, so you should try and make sure to destroy it as severely as possible before you finally drop dead. Hmm, strangely I’m not persuaded to join in on the “fun”, guys.

That’s my second reason, right there: the utter lack of persuasive arguments. My favourite instance of someone trying to convert me to the Dark Side is when a photo was posted on Facebook. The right half of it showed a man holding a protesting placard under the text “Before weed”. The right side was of the same guy, smoking weed and enjoying the Hell out of himself under the text “After weed”. So… you’re saying that weed is addictive? Well, yeah I know. That’s not really an argument, kid. That’s like trying to convince someone to start smoking by showing them a nice photo of a rotten, barely functioning lung with a text that reads “Doesn’t this look like it’s gonna make your life so much more fun?”.

I can have fun without drugs and alcohol, all right? It’s not impossible. If you think it is then I won’t be mad at ya. In fact, I’ll send you flowers when you’re in the hospital.

“Are you jealous of Justin Bieber, a racist and an Adam Sandler-fan?”

First time on my blog, huh?

“Okay, so you dislike PewDiePie because he screams alot? And you like The Nostalgia Critic, even though he also screams alot?  You’re probably the stupidest hypocrite I’ve ever seen! “

Oh for the love of… Okay, let’s set the record straight. The reason I enjoy The Nostalgia Critic but not PewDiePie you can actually find by yourself if you look at The Critic’s universally despised Let’s Play of Bart’s Nightmare. I hate that video because he does not do what he normally does. He doesn’t criticize or analyze or make jokes; he only screams at the game. When I saw Let’s Play Bart’s Nightmare I was nauseated. I was watching a video where The Nostalgia Critic did what PewDiePie’s been doing through his days: scream his way through a video game, only his video ran longer. It was, aptly enough, a nightmare.

It’s all about the difference between a Let’s Play and a review. When The Critic does a review I don’t mind his screaming, because I feel that the character’s anger is a beautiful representation of the frustration we feel when enduring a horrible, stupid and illogical movie.  A Let’s Play is not a review. It’s just some person talking over footage from a video game. On a good day, they’re informative and funny.

On a bad day, however, we get a person screaming over footage from a video game, trying desperately to make it more endurable by adding “funny” captions, cats, emoticons and even giving names to inanimate objects (I’m having a hard time even writing about this crap without resorting to a double facepalm). And then, on a really bad day, a Let’s Play is 40 minutes long and it’s a funny person doing basically the same shtick as an unfunny person. That is a nightmare.

If you want a short version: PewDiePie does his thing. The Critic does his own. I happen to only be a fan of the latter. That’s it. Simple as that. No harm, no tears, no more fighting. Okay?

All right, that’s enough. I think I’ve written enough for one post. Maybe watch some Doctor Who?