• A white man says spiteful things about a minority group:

Unacceptable. We must make a big deal out of this scandalous incident immediately and hope that, say, muslims won’t feel offended by our implication that they have the minds of retarded children and will cause all sorts of havoc if insulted.

  • A minority says something equally racist and spiteful about a white man:

Ignore. It’s okay if he’s white. He can take it.

  • A writer like Victor Anderson points out the stupidity of the hypocrisy above:

Claim that he is a cold-hearted racist without examining what he has actually written, refuse utterly to learn from it and avoid even considering the possibility that you might be the racist since you’re the one who thinks minorities will instinctively go into kill-mode after recieving even mild insults.

This is how it’s done, but judging from the sort of messages I’ve been recieving lately, you all knew that already.

"Oh brother."