First came a video titled Kony 2012. This video seemed to change the world in many ways. It brought up a sadistic and sinister Ugandan warlord by the name Joseph Kony – a man who sends children to war and slaughters those who refuse – and how he needed to become a well-known man in order for the American government to find and kill him. Obviously I have no clue how covering public areas in crappy-looking Kony-posters and flyers is going to save the world or how it’s suddenly gonna make it easier for Americans to find him, but I digress.

Then we got videos explaining that the original Kony-video was a fraud and that the real story of Uganda is quite different. So I guess that must be the real story, right? I dunno but then we got videos claiming Kony was dead. Okay, cool. Source? Then we got videos telling us the others were fake, then we got videos telling us the videos about the other videos being fake were fake and it all ultimately came down to a random, cluttered mess in the form of an Internet video-linking war between know-it-alls and people trying to play the hero. This, I am happy to announce made me stop caring about Joseph Kony.

I no longer care if he exists, I no longer care about trying to make other people aware of his actions, I no longer care about the original video (which I shared when it was new, yes, but I mostly did it to seem like less of a jerk), I no longer care about wheather he is real or not and I no longer care about any arguing video anyone has to send me regarding anything about Joseph Kony’s “true story”. Stop this idiocy NOW and think for yourself!

Really, I think it is summed up best in the brilliant spoof by Doug Walker, linked above, so I won’t write too much. It’s true. Daily I see people on Facebook argue to each other about the true story of Joseph Kony, constantly basing their arguments on some videos they find on the Internet, not even attempting to do their own research instead of just blindly believeing what YouTubers, Vimeo-ers and other video-ers have to say. Really guys, how badly would it hurt you to look something up on your own instead of linking random videos on Kony-forums and go to bed afterwards feeling like such gifted wisemen?

There is some good in all this madness, though. Trust me. The only thing I know for sure is that the original video, fake or not, made people of my messed-up generation do something extraordinary and unusual – they came together and decided to actually fight for something. I will admit that I became tremendeously proud of my generation, which I always assumed to be apathetic, moronic and over-all useless. But it finally happened. We proved that, even if we’re misinformed and probably have the wrong facts, we are capable of coming together and fighting for something if we just want to. That made me happy. Indescribably happy.

Don’t even try to label me as an “asshole” or somesuch because I’ve stopped caring. Label me instead as a promoter of the following obscure concept:

Thinking for YOURSELF for a frickin’ change!

And yeah, that’s it. Now I’m leaving the Kony-story for alone good. Bottom line: screw this, I’m gonna go play some Age of Mythology.