Okay, what I’m going to bring up now is probably a trend unique to Swedish teens, hence why I assume writing about it on this English-speaking blog of mine is pretty meaningless. However, if you are someone who is somehow still not convinced about the extreme stupidity of my generation, feel free to keep reading and allow me to tactfully provide you with further evidence.

Here’s The Story:

All right, so there are these groups on Facebook, right? Groups which Swedish tweens add to their friend lists if they are interested in finding out the following: Who is the hottest/sexiest/prettiest person in their city and/or all of Sweden? Yes, in my homeland we have groups that decide who is the most attractive person in all of Eskilstuna, all of Stockholm, all of Gothenburg and sometimes even all of Sweden. And people I know add these groups to their freind list, hoping to maybe get picked… Yeah.

It’s not the creators of these groups that appal me the most (but trust me, they’re pretty bad too), but the people who take the creators seriously, as if their group is the biggest and most seriosuly legit thing ever. Wow, just… that’s all I got. Wow!

I am astounded beyond description by the absolute patheity these people display – especially people I once assumed (incorrectly, I see) would never succumb to such a comically desperate level of attention-whoring – by constantly adding these meaningless groups as new ones emerge, as if the opinions of these groups are legitimate information. Excuse me, but are these teens so miserably low on self-confidence that they need to check with a bunch of random idiots – whose chances of ever getting a life only grow slimmer and slimmer with time – who created a stupid Facebook group whether they look good or not? Seriously? Why has my generation succumb to this? How?

I consider myself a kid who is good at perfectly articulating the asininity of almost all situations, but here I don’t think I’ll be able to. This is figuratively so mind-meltingly stupid that I can still scarcely believe it’s reality, especially when people I thought knew better parttake in the same, moronic trend.

I’m sure I have said it before, but I will say it again: being part of this generation disgraces me to no end and I feel genuine pity towards teens who blindly follow every trend, no matter how imbecile, as well as deep sympathy towards teens who are like me; teens who know that they are surrounded by fools but also know that they can’t help it. I’m not exaggerating either. I could quite honestly start weeping over these people at any minute.

But tell me this, dear readers: does this happen elsewhere in the world, or this kind of absolute idiocy unique to my homeland only? Even if it is, maybe this trend will spread. Maybe there will soon be equally idiotic groups in the USA, ranking the appearances of pathetic American teens, eh?

Aw, what a small but idiotic world this is. Tee-hee.


‘Nuff said.