As I established in my post “If You Dislike Someone It *Always* Means You’re Jealous!”, fans of Justin Bieber tend to, because of their, y’know, admirable mental agility, use the argument (I use this term incredibly loosely) “You’re just jealous” when attempting to defend Bieber from his many haters.

But there exists another argument which they love to recycle each and every time they end up in a fight with a hater, and that is the classic “Unless you can do better, you should shut up”. So yes, my dear readers, in the opinion of Bieber-fetishists you are not qualified to voice your opinion on a musician unless you yourself have created any music or sold any albums. Similarly, they probably think I can’t write bad things about Pearl Harbor or The Room simply because I haven’t made any Hollywood pictures of my own.

I really, really love it when Bieber-fetishists try to engage in an intelligent argument, because they constantly end up proving how incompetent they are and how incapable they are of reasoning with anyone without re-using arguments which people like me have already torn apart on multiple occasions.

Really, Beliebers; shouldn’t this apply to you too? Shouldn’t you also be unqualified to talk about how awesome you think Justin is before you have tried to do your own music? You clearly live in the delusion that if you haven’t made music then you know nothing about music, so logically you should stop praising the adorable little Canadian and start recording albums until you become qualified. Yeah, now you see how stupid that sounded? Yep. Think before you talk, Bieber-fans, at least once!

However, if this rule actually did exist, I would still be allowed to talk trash about Pearl Harbor. After all, I made a YouTube video once of me and my crazy classmates during a sleepover at our school. It had better pacing, more likable characters and a more competent story than Pearl Harbor.