“Everyone seems to love tattoos and piercings. What’s your view on this?”

I think both look great on other people, at least for the most part. However I don’t see myself looking any more dignified or cool if I were to cover my body in offensive artwork and/or overly stylized text. Even so, those are the kind of tattoos that look good on others. Tattoos which are just plain text or something equally unimpressive and simple; not too fond of them. They’re the kind of tattoos people put on when it’s painfully obvious that they’re just trying to seem badass.

As for piercings – no thanks, I’m not an android yet. But looking at all these people piercing themselves, especially in body parts which I think would be more comfortable without metal jabbed into them, I sense the beginning of a cyborg age.

“What was it that made you want to create a blog?”

I just love to write, especially reviews and criticism. I’ve always loved expressing my opinion, be it a popular one or not, and creating a WordPress site gave me somewhere to let it all out. I rarely even care how many actually visit my blog. I love to write. Words are simply awesome.

“You do realise PewDiePie will soon be proclaimed King of The Web, right? So, sorry bro, looks like he is awesome and you lose.”

Speaking of blogs, this is fun too; when I blog about some entertainer – a term which I in this case use very unfairly – and a small part of their fanbase notices, thus getting mad at me because I don’t share their inexplicable obsession with, in this case, a guy who yells  like a girl into a bad mic whilst playing scary video games. Apparently he also revolutionized the word “bro”, at least where I come from.

Yes, PewDiePie is going to be declared King of The Web, but by whom? I checked the site, kingoftheweb.com and I had never heard of it. When I heard about all this at first, I admit to feeling slightly “owned”, but when I found the site I thankfully began to realize that obviously he’s not officially going to be labeled the most awesome thing on the Internet! Some kids at some relatively unknown site just created some random, insignificant contest which it just so happens that PewDiePie is seemingly winning.

If Pew wins and recieves his crown, then that’s good for him and his fans. I just don’t want either of ’em to act as if anyone else actually cares.

“Why have you not written in a while?”

School, friends, work, out enjoying the snow; life is more than just blogging and writing, and I’m aware of that. Now to try and get gamers to realize that there’s more to life than upgrades and continues… and PewDiePie. Okay, okay, I’ll stop talking about that now.

“Why do you bash gamers when you’re clearly a fan of The Angry Video Game Nerd, Egoraptor and Spoony? Stupid hypocrite!”

Well, what do ya know? I have been misunderstood yet again. Look, buddy, I am apalled by those who figuratively dedicate their entire existence to video games and take pride in being socially incompetent piles of basement-dwelling lard. That doesn’t mean I think absolutely all gamers are like that, mind you.

You see, if you’re a game nerd, you can use your vast game knowledge to create entertainment by creating fun, insightful and highly interesting reviews explaining the games to us. Doing an inprovisational Let’s Play isn’t the same thing, however, and can fail more easily than a scripted review. It didn’t work out for The Nostalgia Critic or PewD… oh yeah, I was supposed to shut up about that. Right.

Point is, there are actually ways to make a lifetime’s worth of constant gaming worthwhile. Too bad so many gamers don’t get that, the poor saps.

“Do you, or any other  Big Brother-hater actually realize how annoying it is that you keep bashing it on Facebook and Twitter? You should immediately leave your computers, stop complaining and grow up.”

You go, girl! Oh yeah, spot on! Because overly obsessed Big Brother-fans who feel the need to Tweet and Facebook about every single idiotic, brain dead, intelligence-insulting moment within each abysmal episode’s tedious runtime aren’t the least bit annoying, especially not when they crank their irritating whining upon discovering that not everyone shares their opinion.

Oh, by the way, did I ever mention I’m not a Big Brother-fan?

That’s enough questions. I need a glass of liquid.