Here it is. My first video blog, and I’d be lying if I were to tell you I’m 100% happy with it and I have my reasons.

For starters, the audio isn’t that good. I probably should’ve spoken a bit louder and turned down the volume of the background music somewhat. My biggest problem with it is that I clearly don’t have anything to talk about. Instead I’m practically reciting some of my blog posts. More specifically, these:

“Aw, I wanna have a boyfriend! Guys are so stupid!” – HUH?!
I don’t bloody care what it’s made of, I just care how it tastes!
“If You Dislike Someone It *Always* Means You’re Jealous”

Next time I’ll probably have a script or such, with no relation to an eariler post. That is if there will be a next time. I’ll let my dear readers decide? Should I continue or should I stick to writing?