This is a follow-up to my post True Dat. Read that first if you haven’t, so you’ll understand what I’m doing here.

(The picture is of handsome gamers next to stereotypically quirky-looking nerds.)
“Gamers. Nerds. Learn the difference.”

Okay, so the premise here is that being a gamer, unlike being a nerd, is awesome and something to be proud of. Because nerds with their vast intellect, competence and ability to accomplish great things and get great jobs got nothing on gamers with… um… whatever it is that gamers have. Yes, I guess one could say that there is a difference between a nerd and a gamer. A nerd is intelligent and knowledgeable; a gamer is good at pushing buttons, I guess.

I really love how, to blatantly boost his ego even further, the gamer who originally posted the aforementioned picture made it seem as though all nerds are quirky-looking, whereas all gamers are attractive and cool-looking. *sigh* No, sweetie. There exist people who are both nerdy/smart and attractive. As for gamers, well…

…let’s just say looks can vary there too.

I like ripping “True Dat”-pictures on Facebook apart. Might do more than just one next time, though.