Yes, Pew, keep editing in those Awesomefaces and random kittens. It’s not at all an annoying, desperate and futile attempt to get more laughs!

On YouTube, as most of the site’s users are probably aware, there is a user by the name PewDiePie, and no, I don’t care if I capitalized the correct letters in his goofy username.

PewDiePie is, basically, the Ray William Johnson, whom I’ve already given a warranted bashing, of gamers, in that he did a thing long ago that got many hits and laughs on YouTube and thus proceeded to do the exact same thing over and over again, somehow brainwashing his newly aquired fans into thinking it is just as hilarious every time, and will presumably continue to do so until the end of time. What was it he did that got him his, and let us quote the great Warhol, “15 minutes of fame”? He screamed… Yep.

More specifically, he screamed in fear while recording some sort of Let’s Play to the game Amnesia, which is said by many gamers to be the most terrifying and “sc4ry th1ng evah!!1!!”. I’ll admit, that was a pretty amusing video. I giggled at the ridiculous fact that he evidently has just about as much guts as that one pink dog from that one Cartoon Network show. When he did the same thing again in another video, it was less amusing. The third time – kind of annoying now. The fourth time – okay, you may stop. Fifth time – shut up, Pew! Eleventh time – I’m serious! 59 643 992nd time – okay, how d’you want me to kill ya, Pew; gun, bomb or spoon?

To his credit, however, Pew does try to add some more to it by including unfunny and unecessary captions, slow motion replays, more self-aware voice-overs, the ocassional music break and kittens. This is the Internet, dear readers. If all else fails, use cats, because cats are comedy. But in the end, it’s just more of the same: screaming like an idiot into bad mic to cause headaches in some and laughter in others.

One more thing; don’t you love it when you actually have to put [FUNNY] in the video title just so that the viewer will know how to feel about your vid? Yeah, me neither.

EDIT: Yes, I know PewDiePie might soon be proclaimed “King of The Web” or whatever. This doesn’t prove that I’m wrong. It only proves how absurd the world is.