If you don’t like any of my posts where I talk about stupid stuff on Facebook, stop reading this and go to one of my reviews instead. Did you read my Pearl Harbor Review, or Ghost Protocol? Go on. Pick one.

Now, for those of you still here, let’s talk about Facebook. What we’ve been getting there recently is what I like to call the ‘True dat meme’. The ‘True dat meme’ is based on some guy or gal posting a photo with some sort of text, be it a one-liner or a pretentious quote, which the young crowd is meant to agree with and subsequently re-post on their Facebook walls. Everyone shares photos on Facebook, sure – I myself shared this one – but this post is not talking about all sorts of shared photos, mind you. Not Rage Comics-photos or George Takei photos.

No, I’m specifically referring to the sort of pictures that get shared by teens ‘n tweens because they have some quote attached to them, and what I’m here for is to prove how stupid some of them actually are.

(The picture is of a man wearing leather and pointy objects A child is curiously observing.)
“Punk. Because having your own style doesn’t make you a bad influence.”

Is that dat true? Just because the picture is of a kid who thinks a punk rocker looks fascinating we’re meant to believe that punks are good role models? How do we know this kid didn’t pursue a life of crime? How do we know that just because the kid isn’t afraid to approach this weird metal-leather cyborg he wasn’t badly influenced and didn’t grow up to be a problem child?

We don’t know any of that, yet somehow we’re supposed to nod in a agreement and share the photo in a futile attempt to seem more badass. Also, if having your own style doesn’t make you a bad influence, people seriously need to stop being so harsh on KKK-members.

(The picture is of Boromir’s famous facepalm-bit in The Fellowship of The Ring)
“Mother, one does not simply turn off the game and go to dinner.” SHARE if you’re a true gamer

Ah yes, gamers. Look, I really don’t get why some gamers still act the exact same way I did when I was 10. I would refuse to leave the computer until I was done killing that one boss or completing that one quest. Now it’s simply: “Dinner’s ready.” “Alright.” *pauses game* That is, if I’m actually playing a game, which I rarely do anymore.

Why is this so hard for gamers? I make jokes about them sometimes but please don’t tell me they’re so childishly out of touch with reality that they act as if the things that happen inside the game is serious business and going to dinner might lead to an unspeakable tragedy, death or something. But then again, if the World of Warcraft-episode of South Park is to be believed, that’s how it has always been. That’s a brilliant episode, though.

(This time, the picture is just text.)
“Geniuses learn from other people’s mistakes, idiots learn from their own.”

I swear to all that which is holy – yes, even 6-armed elephants – that those who re-posted this only did so because they thought it sounded smart and deep, not even bothering to check if it made sense. What does that even mean? If you learn something from the mistakes you’ve made, I wouldn’t call you an idiot.

Likewise, I cannot even be bothered to figure out what’s so ingenious about learning from someone else’s mistakes. This is just giving me a headache. I just… *sigh*

(The picture is of a giant black man embracing and kissing a short white woman.)
“Love does not have age, color, size or personality.”

Okay, that dat is somewhat true. Truly, size and colour does not matter. We can and should love each other no matter who we are and where we’re from. But age? Age doesn’t matter? Does that mean I shouldn’t be concerned about my elderly neighbour touching me after all? And yes, I know that ‘love’ doesn’t have to mean ‘love’ as in relationships or sex but that’s the kind of picture they chose to attach this quote to, so I’m asuming that’s the kind of love they talk about and that age doesn’t matter there. Herbert will be so glad.

Again guys, sometimes you need to think before sharing a quote like this, or Hell, before you even come up with it.

There’s more where this came from but I suddenly got really tired of quotes. I’m gonna go litsen to some Bad Lip Reading. Always know where your towel is!