Cover art for the new 'Watchmen' prequel.

Okay, so I’ve already said that I predict a great year because of what we’re going to get: a new Lord of The Rings film, a new Red Dwarf season, a new Grand Theft Auto game and now, as if all those other things weren’t nerdgasm-induscing enough, it looks as if we’re getting a new Watchmen-novel. I’m not joking.

Indeed, it appears as if Ozymandiaz, the man who (SPOILERS!) killed all of Manhattan in Alan Moore’s classic masterpiece Watchmen, is getting his very own novel in a new prequel miniseries, scheduled for release in the summer of 2012. I love the original graphic novel and the film based on it too, so you can imagine my joy at discovering these news. Maybe they’ve been around for longer than I think, but it was not until I saw the above picture on Facebook that I learned of this prequel.

Even if the nerdy side of me is excited as all Hell, the critical side of me is a bit skeptical, because if you take a look at the picture above you’ll see that the name Alan Moore is missing from the cover. So the critical side of me is wondering if this will be the most awesome thing ever, if it merely will be somewhat disappointing, like when Eoin Colfer took over after Douglas Adams, or if it will just be plain awful. The latter, and let’s face it, is probably the most likely if you think about it, sadly.

Still, my hopes are high and I am looking forward to reading these novels.

EDIT: Go here for the covers of the other novels. Some of these prequels seem pointless, though I’d love to read more of the Minutemen’s story.