This exists. Use it! (NOTE: Usually looks different on a phone.)

My fellow teens tend to – on Facebook, naturally – express their annoyance with getting text messages in the middle of the night as they’re trying to sleep or recieving mail as they’re about to slumber. Sometimes they are getting many text messages from some mean-spirited friends who wish to ruin their sleep. They complain about this constantly and not once have I seen any of them consider the possibility to turn the cell phone off!

Yes, dear readers. I know. I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re thinking surely turning the cell phone off at night is the most logical conclusion to come to especially since you don’t wish to be disturbed. Well, amongst the teens and tweens I’m usually around, this option seems unthinkable. Turning a cell phone off if you don’t wanna be disturbed? Who ever heard of such a ludicrous concept?

I always switch my phone off if I’m busy, including when I’m trying to sleep, and when I ask my fellow tweens why they just don’t do the same, they hit me with the exact same argument. Every. Single. Time: “What if it’s a friend texting me about a serious accident?”. I swear, 10 out of 10 people who recieve this question from me respond this way. All of ’em!

Because, naturally we should at all times consider the possibility that some tragic accident befalls our friends and simultaneously that they are so stupid that they’ve forgotten the number to 911, and thus need to contact one of their friends for brisk help. Well, I think more highly of my friends than to assume that they don’t know how to just dial the numbers 9-1-1 in that order, which is why my phone remains OFF.

But there are those who claim that calling 911 is out of the question too, because if, say, one of my friends get in an accident related to too much alcohol, he will most likely get in trouble if he contacts 911 and they find out he is underage, hence why they prefer calling their friends for assitance. That’s their reasoning. My answer is that if you get in a drunk accident at that age, dialing 911 is probably only going to get you exactly what you deserve. My opinion remains unaltered. My phone is off. Now call an ambulance.

Goodnight, everybody. Always know where your towel is.