“What are your plans for the future?”

Well, after I graduate from John Bauer’s highschool in good ol’ Eskilstuna I’ll probably try to study at a film school with Simon and Viktor, two friends of mine whom I’ve mentioned and of course worked with many times before. Above is a link to a trailer to a 4-part video I recently did with them during a sleepover at said highschool, but it is in Swedish so not all of you may be very interested.

Either way, I wish to continue creating films with them and do so until I can work no more.

“Obviously you’re not a drinker, but have you ever had alcohol at all, and why have you chosen to avoid it?”

I drank wine at a party once. I’ve always thought wine is nice but other than that, yes, I avoid alcohol. I’ve always thought too highly of my own brain and competence to gradually incinerate it during wild, fun and vomit-filled parties. I still go to parties, though. I like parties. Parties = good; mercilessly massacring useful brain cells = bad.

“How come you say you don’t hate Justin Bieber, but that you do hate his fans? Clearly you think people who like him are dumb so you’re obviously just another hater after all!”

It is true that I think most Beliebers – or Bieber-fetishists as I more aptly call them – are idiots, but their idiocy doesn’t have anything to with them liking Justin Bieber, but with their hopeless inability to argue for him. How difficult is it for these morons to understanmd that a) everyone already knows his relationship with Selena Gomez proves he ain’t as gay as many have said, and b) giving him criticism has nothing to do with jealousy.

This is the funniest thing about Bieber-fetishists. The only thing they’re able to say in Bieber’s defense is that he’s not gay and that the person giving him criticism is jealous. Every time a Bieber-fetishist says “You’re just jealous” any chance of me ever respecting them, in spite of their inexplicable Bieber-obsession, vanishes entirely. I swear, if you’ve ever, EVER uttered that sentence to anyone who merely gives a singer normal negative criticism, you don’t deserve to breathe. I’m sorry if I sound too mean but I’m just so sick of these morons and their abysmal inability to reason with anyone.

You’re incorrect, however. I do not hate Beliebers. I think they’re hilarious in their amazingly abysmal and absolute stupidity. Seriously, Beliebers. Grow. The Hell. Up!

“?yvan eht nioJ”


“Why do you have a blog? That’s so gay!”

Yes, my child; writing long reviews for films and articles on all sorts of thought-provoking or cringeworthy subjects is totally useless, and trying to reach the next level on whatever’s in your Xbox isn’t worthless at all. Am I right? Of course I’m not.

“Speaking of games, I used to ask you questions but then I took an arrow to the knee.”

This is one of those jokes you should only say in front of my face if you’re self-loathing and suicidal. By the way, it’s in the knee, not to the knee. How a non Skyrim fan like myself can know this better than most fans is far beyond me.

“You’ve made your point; you’re sick of gamers. But surely there are games even you love?”

Of course. Simon The Sorcerer, Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Urban Chaos (No, not Riot Response, the other one!), Black & White and anything with Grand Theft Auto in the title. Then there’s that Wheel of Time-game but no one’s heard of that.

“Why do you like parties if you really don’t like alcohol?”

Well, I have already given one of the reasons before. That reason is that drunk people can be fascinating and fun to observe through a sober man’s eyes and they most likely wont notice if I’m sitting there mocking them, as I tend to do during a wild party.

Then there’s that little malicious joy I get out of the knowledge that everyone else in the room will wake up tomorrow with a terrible hangover, whereas I will wake up feeling just as happy and fresh as always.

That’s enough for now. Tired now.