“You saw sagacious Solomon. You know what came of him. To him complexities seemed plain… It’s wisdom that had brought him to this state. How fortunate the man with none.”

Inception. Everyone around me seem to be in agreement that it is pretty much impossible to understand what’s going on in that film. I think it couldn’t be more straighforward without treating its audience like bafoons. Mathematics. Everyone around me seem to hate it simply because they’re incapable of working out even the simplest of equations. They think you need to be a genius to understand Inception, understand math and even, I kid you not, writing without grammatical errors and misspellings!

The Inception-part is probably my favourite. There will never come a day when I’ll comprehend why it has been considered the most confusing and baffling film in recent years. I keep saying to anyone who – possibly due to playing with their iPhone during the screening – calls Inception “impossible to follow”, that they should stop immediately with their whining, go watch a movie called Primer and then come back to me. There, now you actually have seen a confusing film! No, you don’t need to be a super genius for Inception to make sense; you just need to pay attention.

Then there’s the younglings who despise math. During a math class, someone is always going to angrily exclaim a few curse words before they go “I don’t get this!”, which I’m pretty sure is because they tend to easily forget that it is wise to take notes during the teacher’s briefing instead of playing with their iPhone, or resting their heads on the desk as if they just had too much vodka. Just pay attention, idiots. No, you don’t need to be a super genius to understand mathematics; you just need to start using that gooey gray thing in your head. That is, if it starts after all these years.

As for the writing-part, yes, there are those who wonder how I can possibly write so well. For Heaven’s sake, you don’t need to be a super genius to know how to write a coherent sentence; you just need to, well, pay attention during kindergarten. What where you doing? Playing with your iPhones. I know iPhones didn’t exist back then; I just take every oppurtunity to put the blame on Apple.

Then there’s people who are too dumb to know how to use Adobe Photoshop and Premiere and therefor complain about the programs; don’t even get me started.

You don’t need to be a genius for any of this. You just need to not be a moron.