What’s the word on SOPA and PIPA? Will there be a day when they retreat for good or will they keep striking back until our Internet is censored, until our freedom of speech is vanquished and until downloading Rescue Rangers porn gives you more prison time than rape and murder? We don’t know yet, as far as I can tell, but what we do know is something truly unsettling and disturbing – the ACTA treaty is being signed!

What is ACTA? Apparently that’s the Irish equivelant of SOPA, and a video by an Irish YouTuber informed us about the unspeakable: that this law actually will pass. Yes, people in Ireland will get their Internet censored and they will go to jail for piracy. I hadn’t heard of ACTA before the video, because they managed somehow to slip under the radar and play out the end of their plan while we were busy whining about SOPA and PIPA. It is happening, people. These news nauseate me terribly and I am still in a state of denial but, if the video is correct, it is really happening. The end is happening.

This is going to be a very different post from me, because now I’m going to be the one sounding like a loony Harold Camping-esque doomsday prophet, but you might agree with me here.

The pieces of the puzzle are coming together, you see. They say the end of days will take place by the end of 2012, right? 2012 is the year of SOPA, PIPA and now ACTA, and ACTA is apparently going to pass, and I will be damned if this isn’t merely the beginning. Gradually the world will lose the things it loves the most – entertainment, freedom, not only that of speech, and so on. The Internet is more important to us – by “us” I do mean all of us – than these people seem to realize. If we lose all that, trust me, there will be madness and chaos up the ass. There will be riots and furious mobs. There will be depredation and insanity on the streets. Our soceity will fall to pieces. If the Mayans indeed did forsee an apocalypse in 2012, this is it.

I’m perfectly aware of how goofy it all sounds, but I know how seriously people take the Internet. Something like this will almost certainly happen. I am genuinely worried, people. I am.

I hope I’m wrong about all that, though. Let’s think of it this way instead: these laws state that everyone guilty of pirating/downloading movies, music, pictures and such will be sentenced to, what, was it 50 years in prison? In any case, that would mean that – let’s face it – EVERYONE on this entire planet who has ever OWNED a computer is going to jail. There aren’t enough prison cells anywhere in the world to store everyone who has ever downloaded something. Such a large percentage of our people in jail? We can’t have that. Can we? Oh well, we’d probably not be caught by the cops in the chaotic riots and madness this would ultimately result in, anyways.

We need the Internet. It sounds silly, but we do. It’s what keeps us going; that’s just how it is. We can not let such a great, useful, important and just simply wonderful tool get this badly damaged. I pray that this will go back to normal, one way or the other. Somehow. In some divine way.

I pray. But whom to?