My guess is that my most infuriating and controversial post ever was the one I wrote on Sweden’s independence day 2011, which is probably what makes it one of my favourites, mostly due to the fact that I’ve explained many times already that the post wasn’t an attack on muslims, but an attack on Swedes who treat muslims as if they’re rabid dogs who should always have their way, lest they ji all their hads. But people refused to understand that, no matter how many times I went over it. Unamazingly, they do still.

I know that explaining something like this to anti-nationalists (not that I’m the opposite of that), who think everything is xenophobic one way or the other, is just about as efficient as attempting to learn a First Technician to say Cesiumfrancolithicmyxialobidiumrixydixydoxidrexidroxhide, but I will make one final attempt to get these idiots to listen. Please, this time, try to read every word of the article and try reading it again if you still think I’m the baddie when you’re done reading. Okay? Okay. Let’s try this again, one last time…

Consider a muslim. He is running away from war. He flees to Sweden where war is about as rare as people who still think Skyrim-jokes are funny. He comes to a place where – let’s face it – almost everything is better. A place where he can start a new life. Most immigrants I know are happy and grateful for this oppurtunity – why isn’t this man? Why does he call Swedes names? Why does he request mosques and other Islam-related additions? Presumably because he knows that Swedes are almost all wimps who fear muslims and will give them anything they want, fearing they will otherwise snap.

Now, people who call me racist, I ask you, if we aspire to create a world of equality, why, do you suppose, should muslims be treated like this and why call me a racist when I point out that there is no equality there?  It would be exactly the same if this occured:

An Italian man walks into a Chinese restaurant because he wants to try something new. He walks up to the counter and orders an Italian pasta.

“But,” says the Chinese man behind the counter, “this is a Chinese restaurant. We don’t do Italian meals.”

A woman wearing a pantsuit, glasses and other things that indicate an appropriate stereotype, stands and walks over to the two men by the counter.

“How dare you?!” she yells at the Chinese man. “How dare you not give him what he wants? What kind of behaviour is that?”

“But,” says the baffled Chinese man, “We don’t serve Italian at this restaurant. If he doesn’t like it here then why doesn’t he go to eat at another place?”

“He’s from another country, you bastard!” the woman yells, “That is it! I’m gonna alert the news about your bigotry, mister.” She leaves, furious.

The Chinese man rolls his eyes, sighs and shares my opinon on what a stupid place he’s truly in. The Italian wonders what kind of pepperoni they do in this joint.

That’s it! That’s the thing I have a problem with; Swedes who instinctively treat immigrants like retarded children and immigrants who simply sit back and allow it. This doesn’t make me a racist, it never has made me a racist and it never will make me racist. You can be either black, Hispanic or Asian; it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re an obnoxious idiot who thinks he deserves better than everyone else, I will hate you. End of story.

So, now you all know. I’m not opposed to immigration, I’m not a racist and even if I know that religion is kinda bullcrap, I do respect all religions… most of ’em… some of ’em. Er… yeah, let’s face it; there’s a reason the word “Mormon” is only one letter away from the word “moron”.

I kid. But you can write me hate mail anyway.