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I stand corrected. Good hasn’t triumphed just yet. Still our freedom of speech and just our Internet in general must be protected from SOPA/PIPA, and I guess this is our next strike: Black March. What that means is that no one is going to buy/see/download anything media-related in the month of March 2012, to trigger a big loss of income for our major media and entertaining companies. No one what so ever.

Yeah… Good luck with that.

The photo above is being passed around on Facebook more than Snooki and Tiger Woods combined (Remember, freedom of speech; I can still do that), as if absolutely everyone is going to be able to live by the rule “Don’t buy anything media-related”. As of yet, it has been passed around by 600 people. I realize some of them are desperate and might indeed be able to go a whole month without buying such things, because they’re just so bent on destroying SOPA/PIPA, but look, we must ackowledge the following:

  • a) Some of the people will almost certainly get bored and say “Screw it, I wanna download some music and watch a new movie”, and do so anyway.
  • b) Old folks who hardly ever use the Internet are probably not aware of much of this and they’ll keep purchasing their magazines and old classical films on DVD no matter what month it is.
  • c) Tween girls. Just tween girls. Creatures who shop more often than they breathe oxygen. Creatures who hunger for new songs on their cell phones as vampires hunger for blood. Creatures whom I suspect aren’t even remotely aware of SOPA and how it might eventually destroy what we hold dear.

Don’t get me wrong, fellas. I like this idea. Black March would’ve been a fairly smart move from the good guys if I didn’t know too many people will almost certainly ignore it. Maybe I’m wrong, though. Hopefully I’m wrong, ’cause I’ve really grown to like this ‘freedom of speech’-thing over the years. In any case, I pray that we shall triumph in the end.

Did it again.