Time to talk an itty bit about Facebook and my fellow teens again. These two things when combined can create the most horrible things, but sometimes quite funny things too.

So, recently I’ve been seeing a few posts from heartbroken girls whose mental health I am at liberty to question. They typically begin with a somber post in which they talk about their sadness and how much it hurts to have just lost their boyfriends, followed by a post where they explain that guys are horrible, usually two seconds later. Wow! That. Is. Priceless! I’m not exaggerating either! Figuratively, this one girl couldn’t wait more than a few seconds after writing about how much she longs for a boy’s strong arms around her, to write another status about how disgusting, cruel and terrible boys are. And yes, these girls seem to be in agreement that it is in a male’s nature to be an infidel. I love that!

This is why I decided long ago not to pursue a serious relationship until the girls of my generation became mentally mature and rational. If this many girls of my generation are this bizarre, I thought, no wonder they keep losing their precious and hated boys. Sure, at this point I’m not as surrounded by morons as I once was, but there are still people whose opinions on guys are similar to those which Gollum has on Frodo. You know, “We loves him yet we hates him” and such.

You may feel a burning desire to call me a mean-spirited sadist now but I truly think it’s pretty hilarious that some people from my generation seem as mentally stable as the man who is alternately rude and polite from Monty Python. Wonder how steady his relationships were?