Photo taken with cell phone. Please forgive the quaility.

So, as usual, us wack-o Swedes celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day. Where I come from Decebmer 24th is the time to eat food and get presents and the 25th is the time to enjoy the gifts. That, or we just eat another Christmas dinner at grannny’s house and get more presents, but we’ll do that on Boxing Day this year. Yeah, we celebrate Christmas alot in this country, don’t we?

If the photo above wasn’t a clear indication, my Christmas Eve was great. Gifts included the wonderful original Alice in Wonderland for DVD and Blu-ray, Your Movie Sucks by the great Roger Ebert, a Tree of Life-DVD, some candy, some cash and then finally, something that – not gonna lie – made me jump with joy and excitement as I removed the wrapping paper: Watchmen by Alan Moore! Santa loves me!

Merry Christmas Once Again!