Merry Christmas!

When logging in on Facebook on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, the first thing you’ll probably see is someone writing “Merry Christmas”. Great, someone is feeling merry and wishes all their Facebook-friends happy holidays. That’s all good and all right. But then there are people who write Facebook-statuses that look something like this:

“Ugh it’s SOO annoying that EVERYBODY writes Merry Christmas. Yeah we KNOW its xmas!!!! God!!!”

Um, what?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait, hold up, hold up! Are you people serious? Are you honestly complaining that too many people send merry and bright holiday greetings? Are you complaining that too many people are writing “Merry Christmas”… when it is Christmas? Have you completely forgotten that the phrase “Merry Christmas” was actually used alot around Christmas before Facebook was invented, or are all of you just about as grumpy as Scrooge himself? Were you morons equally upset when people used that phrase every Christmas before they started writing it on their Facebok walls? I don’t get it.

And yes dear readers, the people I’m referring to usually also say “We know it’s Christmas”. As if the phrase “Merry Christmas” is insulting to their intelligence in that its apparently not a greeting at all, but actually a way for people to state the obvious fact that it’s Christmas. Yes, my friends. This really seems to be what people – at least some of my Facebook-friends – genuinely seem to believe. Wow! Just… wow!

I would call you people idiots but instead I’ll be nice and wish you a very Merry Christmas. But oh wait, you hate that too! Well, then go sit in a corner and shut the fuck up while I enjoy my presents, all the food and all the cheer. Buh-bye now!

Merry Christmas!!!!!