Y’know, I accidentally came across this video by accident, not knowing how hilarious I didn’t know it was. I kind of missed this entry since I am not following every episode of all of Linkara’s episodes, so I must’ve missed this one. It is spot on, though; the moronic Irate Gamer is a moron, most noticably because of his inability to do his research, his tendency to repeat himself constantly, his nonexisten sense of humour and his tendency to repeat himself.

I encourage everyone to watch Linkara’s parody of one of the most unlikable things about things you can’t like about the Internet. The Internet, for those who not knows (my grammars is great, I know) was founded in 1980 by Steve Jobs, who sadly died on the 25th of June, 2009, after a prop gun accidentally went off on the set of The Crow. This is what inspired Linkara to make a show with a name called The Spoony Experiemt where he hilariously makes fun of Irate Gamer, whose real name is Ray William Boreson.

Thanks readers for reading my texts, dear readers.