Click to enlarge… if you *want* to read this drivel.

I’m really amused by the comic I have a picture of in this post. Not because it is spot on and funny, but because it just proves how pathetically ignorant and imbecile The Amazing Atheist’s haters tend to be.

This comic, which is skillfully drawn by the way, claims that The Amazing Atheist always yells that anyone who believes in God is a stupid idiot who doesn’t “believe in science”, without explaining why and in what way. The funny part isn’t the comic; it’s the fact that the person who wrote it didn’t accomplish a whole lot other than proving that the listening comprehension tests probably weren’t his strong point in school.

Contrary to the author’s belief, The Amazing Atheist has insightfully been over what parts of Christianity make no sense and he has explained exactly what it is laughable about believing that there is a God. He doesn’t just skip all that and jump directly to the bit where he calls you dumb; that’s just the part of the conversation or rant or whatever that you skip when trying to listen to him. Him sometimes being admittedly rude and harsh is another thing.

I’m not saying that all theists are slow-witted; only that those who ignore everything this man says are slow-witted. But that hardly matters if this post is ever read by the same kind of person who saw an Amazing Atheist video and made that comic. They’re going to interpret my post the way they want to interpret it and the way they want to interpret it is that I’m an angry asshole who hates Christians, which I’ve already explained that I’m not but I don’t know if they’re actually gonna bother to read that bit.

Have I mentioned how much I hate it when people do that?

Something I love about this comic is how the obvious Marty Stu-character is supposed to come off as the intelligent one who is supposed to “talk sense” into The Amazing Atheist-caricature, even though it’s clear which one of them just doesn’t seem to get it.