This is a screenshot of Edward Norton in 'American History X'. It may look fairly big now but it will probably've grown even larger when you come back to this page later.

I’m sitting here right now wishing I could get a nickle for everytime I’ve had to edit an old post to make the pictures look right. For a while now, I’ve been seeing that some of my posts – reviews, especially – don’t look right. Certain pictures I’ve added are much bigger than they should be, such as the posters I’ve added to the reviews. So now I’ve been editing article upon article to make them all look right again.

And I really want to know what’s going on? Is this normal? If so, is there a faster way to fix it than to just edit each post and change the size of the pictures back to the size I want?

But wait, no; I’m not actually changing their size that much. See, here’s what happens: I go to an article (my review of Hellboy for instance), see that the pictures are larger than when I last looked, push “Edit” to fix the problem and when I look at the box the pictures are just fine. I just need to pull in their corners a little to also make them look fine in the article itself. I do not understand this problem. Could someone kindly explain what’s up? It makes my blog look horrible and I’m losing readers because of it, I think. Somebody help!

Thank you.