Oh, would you look at this? Now there’s another video being passed around; one that seems to indicate that Jonah Mowry, the allegedly bullied kid who earned the sympathy of everyone – including black-heartet ME, mind you – was making it all up. ‘Twas only an act! How delightful.

He doesn’t exactly say that in the video, though. In fact, it does seem more as if he simply developed an obnoxious ego after his emo-vid got him so many friends, which I suppose is a good thing. But if he did indeed lie to millions of people… well, then he’s just a genius. An evil one who deserves more bashing and beatings than he gets, but a genius nonetheless.

However, I don’t really know if the video above is actually him admitting that he is a troll or if it is just him being an adorable little  douche, bragging obnoxiously about how awesome his life became afterwards, and you know what? To be perfectly and completely honest… I don’t care. You decide.

Now I’m gonna watch some Nostalgia Critic. Always know where your towel is.