I am annoyed and pissed. Don’t read this if you’re in a good mood and wish to stay that way.

It is videos like this one by The Amazing Atheist that reminds me of how ridiculous the world really is. I mean, here we have grown people who honestly, without joking, view little kids “playing doctor” and hitting each other on inappropriate spots as sexual harassment and charge the kids for it. News like this makes me think that South Park is very rarely joking when it’s depicting adults as empty-headed numbskulls, because it’s clear that many are. The fact that such depressingly stupid people exist is mind-blowing.

It’s not just adults, though. I am a teen, stupidity surrounds me every day and I hate it. There was this one time when I spelled an entire sentence wrong on purpose, as my own little joke, and out of nowhere comes this moron who suddenly starts critquing my bad spelling. I asked them if they honestly believed that I wasn’t just kidding. “Uh, no?” they replied, attempting to sound cleverly sarcastic but succeeding only to sound lamentably asinine.

Speaking of cleverly sarcastic, let’s talk about Facebook-statuses. The other day, this one guy wrote a clever and funny joke on his status and a handful of people pressed the “like”-button. Great, some people got the joke and why it was clever. Next thing, this other guy writes an unthought out status that gets “liked” by nearly 100 people. A song lyric where one word is altered to the word “poop”. Yes, 100 people actually read this status, thought about it (I’m almost exactly paraphrasing Maddox here, I acknowledge) and came to the conclusion that they should let the world know that they approve of this idiotic post by moving their mouse pointer over the “like”-button and pressing it. It is nothing less than depressing what some young people honestly find amusing these days.

There is something awfully wrong with this world and its idiotic people. You can either loathe the world and be depressed or ignore it and be happy. Me, I try to ignore it, but sometimes it isn’t easy.