“There is more than one of everything.” – The Observer, Fringe.

You see that video? Bet you’ve never heard of THIS Lion King before. You may be familiar with Kimba, which was one of the inspirations for The Lion King, but the show I’m talking about, Simba The King Lion is much more obscure.

My paternal grandmother showed me episodes of this when I was a child and I was truly puzzled. I was watching a cartoon with characters from The Lion King (Simba, Mufasa), The Jungle Book (Shere Khan, Baloo and Kaa) and Bambi (the titular deer himself) as well as some bizarre characters such as a constantly singing canary, two sailor-mice, a puppy and a talking tree. I can assure you that I haven’t touched any illegal substances; the show is really as weird as I describe it.

The Nostalgia Critic recently reviewed The Legend of The Titanic, a film by Orlando Corradi. Well, guess what? Corradi is the man behind this show as well. I guess his shtick is that he takes something succesful (Titanic or Disney-films for instance) and mixes it with his own bizarre ideas, such as talking mice and a giant octopus in a film about the Titanic or squirrel-doctors and mouse sailors in a Lion King rip-off. In fact, I think those mice were in both things. Literally. The same characters are in both animations!

 But wait, does it count as a ripoff if the show uses the same names on the characters as in the original. Is it trying to be a spin-off? A crossover? No, it’s fanfiction, and you know what I think about fanfiction!

I do hope that The Nostalgia Critic finds this show and reviews it. It is crappy, yes, but that’s why it deserves attention. Hard to explain but it’s true.