Okay, okay, we don’t celebrate this holiday where I come from, but still, there are plenty things I’m thankful for. I am thankful for…

  • …the fact that I’m blessed with a great set of friends and family members.
  • …the fact that I’ve learned to understand English so well.
  • …my father letting me use his camera and fall in love with film.
  • …all the great movies and shows I’ve seen.
  • …being exposed to ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, which helped me become a film freak.
  • …learning of Roger Ebert.
  • …this candy I’m currently eating.
  • …the fact that most people agree that Epic Movie is an awful film.
  • …Johnny Depp.
  • …Douglas Adams!
  • …growing up in a peaceful place without war and poverty.
  • …growing up in a beautiful place on the country side.
  • …growing up with Star Wars.
  • Star Wars getting reviewed insightfully and entertainingly by Mr. Plinkett (see the link above).
  • …IMDb.
  • Homestar Runner.
  • …a great childhood.
  • …the fact that South Park wasn’t cancelled this year.
  • South Park in general.
  • …the fact that I’m not a moron.
  • …a generally pretty nice life.
  • …Coca Cola.

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers. Speaking of Douglas Adams, always know where your towel is.