Where I come from, there is apparently something that seems fun about creating a blog which consists mostly of stuff nobody cares about. A typical Swedish teen-blog can almost only be any of the following:

1. A diary. A blogger uses this to inform the world of what they had for breakfast, what kind of horse they’re going to buy, what they did with their friends, what they did in school and other exciting adventures. (My blog was kind of like that before; back when I was an idiot.)

2. A pretentious emo-blog. This is the kind of blog that is used by miserable people to tell the world that they’re feeling miserable, most likely through poorly written poems about how sad and dark life is. (Here’s the reason for the South Park-clip above.)

And I wonder, who are these inept blogs intended for? If you are a blogger, do you actually know of anyone who wants to know everything you do during a day and what you eat and so on? If you do know someone who does, he/she is probably an obsessed stalker. And if you feel depressed and dedicate an entire blog to telling the world just how depressed you feel, don’t you think you should talk to a psychiatrist or close friends about it, instead of treating us with pretentious poems?

Some of the blogs I have links to in that sidebar on the right aren’t getting away. No hard feelings, guys, but there are posts on your blogs that are interesting in no manner. I visit these worthless kind of blogs sometimes, mostly for the sake of research, and I take notes in my head whilst thinking: “Let’s see, how do I NOT want my blog to look?”.

But enough about this; now I must go craft a post about what I had for lunch today, what my favourite horse-flavour is and then write an emo poem about my dead dog named Cronenberg. Bye!

P.S. That reminds me. I really need to review another David Cronenberg-film soon. My review of Naked Lunch is not my best work.