Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you phrase a sentence or what you actually mean. Someone is always going to interpret it the way they want to. This has happened to me a few times, such as these:

1. In one of my angriest posts ever I expressed my distaste towards people who come to my country for shelter only to complain and request things endlessly and childishly. I never said I hated immigrants in general. People called me racist.

2. I said how much I can’t stand how some feminists fail to realise that feminism is about equality, not women getting special treatment or men getting punished. I was labeled as an anti-feminist.

3. This is the best one: I pointed out how disturbing it is to see a young child show his even younger brother a porno magazine. A guy thought I had something against porn… and women. I’m serious. Stupidity CAN reach such levels!

Some idiots are simply trapped in a mind set which they cannot escape. I can understand why people make the misconception that I’m a racist for the first point and anti-feminist for the second one. But honestly thinking that I don’t like women just because I find it creepy watching a five-year-old browse through a porno? What reality must you be from to think that makes sense?

Hear me out, now:

1. No, for the final time, I am not a racist. I hate racists and that include those who are racists towards Swedes. A muslim man walked  around the other day saying horrible things about us. I hated him because he was a racist, not because he was a muslim, but of course, that’s what people are going to think, because they think everything is racism to muslims.

2. No, I hate women who misunderstand feminism. I’m not opposed to it! Simple as that.

3. Where do I even start with this bloke? Not only does he seem to defend a five-year-old’s right to look at a magazine for ages 18 and up (See the problem, yet?) but he also seems to believe that I hate women and porn in general, just because I’m disgusted by the sight of an innocent-looking child masturbating in his mind. I don’t really know what to do except state the fact that this person’s an idiot.

That’s all, readers. Always know where your towel is!