South Park

South Park offers us yet another great episode this week. The Poor Kid ’tis called.

After Kenny’s parents are arrested after having their meth lab revealed in an episode of White Trash in Trouble, Kenny and his siblings are put in the household of a strictly agnostic family, where it his absolutely forbidden to believe in God but you must still admit the possibility. Long story short: you’re not allowed to “know”. If you do know, the parents will violently spray you with Dr. Pepper. Why Dr. Pepper? Because no one “knows” what it tastes like.

Kenny’s sister feels miserable in their new home, but Kenny helps her through it, by dressing up as his superhero alter ego Mysterion and acts as her guardian angel. You can’t imagine how glad I was to see Mysterion again. The episode where he (Mysterion/Kenny) actually talks about his curse of dying all the time but always returning to life – like in all early South Park-episodes  – is still one of the most ingenius moments in South Park history.

I loved this episodes. Loved the agnostic-jokes, loved Mysterion and loved he subplot involving Cartman finding out that he is now the poorest kid in school due to Kenny’s absence. Here’s what I’m giving this one:


That is all for season 15 which thankfully isn’t the end. Kyle, Cartman, Stan, Kenny; I’ll see you guys in 2012. It’s been wonderful!